Big Events: October - December 2019


9 November – Remembrance Day

The Autumn big day for the Les Acquah trophy was well attended with Pratik Thakkar prevailing on 37 points following, following a fog delayed two tee start. Leroy Benta took the Division two prize with 35 points.


2 November – Trophy Players final

The TPF winner was Liam Cella who lifts the Rodgers Shield with a good score of 39 points, Ziggy Yousaf took the runner up spot with 35 from Stuart Cella who took the third place prize. This was also the Osborne Cup aggregate pairs final with Liam Cella and Jimmy Cooley with 73 points winning from Stuart Cella and George Sheriff on 67 in second spot.


November – KO Pairs finals

The Rowley Cup Foursomes final took place with Stuart Cella and Liam Cella beating Paul Dimmer and Clive Stasin. The Shipton Cup Four Ball also concluded with Stuart Cella and Liam Cella afain triumphant beating Dipesh Patel and Leroy Benta in the final. 


12 October – Captain's Day

The rearranged Captain's Day took place in good spirit with some great scoring and a good crowd staying behind for the presentation afterwards. The overall winner of the Captain's Day Trophy was John Kasake with a 67, while guest Hari Tailor took Division two with the best score of the day. It was great to see so many friends from other courses turning out to support the day. The Presidents Cup was also decided with Liam Cella on +10 beating Avi Kumarasinghe on countback.


6 October – UKPCC Final

Held at the Eden Course St Andrews, Haste Hill was very well represented and collected divisonal place prizes through Paul Dimmer and Prem Sharma on what was a shocking day weather wise with the skies relentlessly throwing down the rain.


 Big Events: September 2019


28 September 2019 – Trophy Winners Final

This stableford final for those who have won a trophy competition, singles or pairs. Leroy Benta shot 36 to take the runner up spot but it was Jimmy Cooley who took top spot with 38 points. Safet Hasa took the prize for third place.


21 September 2019 – England Golf Champion Club

As the NAPGC BV Cup winners Haste Hill represented at the England Golf Champion of Champions Club event held at Romford. Kane Stone. Jake Mildenhall and Rymer Smith performed cridibly but alas finished down the field. It was though great to see the Club name out there and the boys representing us in their red Club shirts.


14 September 2019 – Memorial Day

The Memorial Day was well down on numbers but still hard fought and it was Ziggy Yousaf who returned to the winners’ circle with a superb 64. Olly Cole was only a shot back on 65 to take the runner up prize. In the Charity Medal it was Mick Woods who took the title with a 69, Graham Wroe. The putting competition followed with Liam Cella winning a 4 way play off to take the crown.


 7 September 2019 – Medal Winners Final

This medal play final is for those who have won medal competitions, singles and team. John Holyoake maintained his great run of form, but this was only good enough for the runner up spot as Ben O’Brien with a 66 took the top spot. Maurizio Patane took the prize for third spot.


4 September 2019 – Haste Hill Seniors Open

The Open Trophy (up to 18) was won by Stanley Yap with 37 points from Deb Gurung. Graham Howard doubled up on his Open Shield win by lifting the Seniors Open Shield (19-36) with 35 points from Mick Woods.


1 September 2019 – NAPGC Clapham Common Final

Held at Staverton Park Haste Hill were back after missing out in recent years. The team put up a good performance but on a demanding track never had the big scores to trouble the eventual winners Rose Hill. However, the performance was strong enough to lift the Ellis Cup so all in all a great result for the Club.


 Big Events: August 2019


August 2019 – KO singles finals

The singles finals winers for 2019 were Paul Dimmer who beat Graham Golding in the Parker Cup final. Pat Mooney who beat Terry Tregear in the Veterans Cup final and Liam Cella who beat John Kaseke in the Scratch KO final. 


25 August 2019 – Paul Cup Final

After the summer qualifying events it was Olly Cole who was the lead qualifier with a score of 193 for his best 3 rounds. However, on the day it was John Holyoake who maintained his good run of form to lift the Paul Cup trophy with a 66 from Dave Digweed on countback. George Sheriff took third spot.


10 August 2019 – Haste Hill Open

Club regular John Holyoake returned to form in August which included lifting this the Open trophy (up to 18) with a score of 68, reflecting the conditions of the day. Graham Howard took the Open Shield (19-36) also with a score of 68 and Jimmy Cooley lifted the scratch LinHel Cup with a gross 75. This was also the second round of the Presidents Cup.


 Big Events: June - July 2019


20 July – NAPGC Men’s Championship and Scratch Final

Held at Woodhall Spa Haste Hill were well represented with Liam Cella, Stuart Cella and Mick Woods all picking up prizes from their respective divisions at the Men’s Championship. Unfortunately, our players were down the field as also rans in the Scratch tournament, but it was great to be represented.


13 July 2019 – Tigers Foxes and Rabbits Cups

This rearranged event saw Liam Cella with a 65 winning the Tigers Cup (up to 10) from Ziggy Yousaf, while Jitu Jadeja with a 65 took the Foxes Cup (11-18) from James Dowling and Mick Woods took the Rabbits Cup (19-28) with a 66 from Dave Digweed.


6 July – NAPGC Bourne Vanneck Final

Held at West Middlesex Haste Hill fielded two teams, who had qualified from the regional events. The scratch team did very well and lifted the BV Cup as best gross winners while the nett team also did well finishing runners up in the BV Shield.


8 & 9 June 2019 - The Club Championship

The major championship of the year for the top golfers is the Club Championship and things were tight after the first round on Saturday. However, Sunday saw Liam Cella move away from the field to retain his title and lift the Ferndown Salver with a score of 150. The net Ferndown Plaque was picked up by John Kaseke with 139, while the Bronze Medal went to Dinesh Bhucher on 136.  The runners up respectively were Mau Patane, Tony Fipkin and Clive Stasin.


 Big Events: April - May 2019 


18 May 2019 – Club Day

Jimmy Cooley returned to the winners’ enclosure with a net 65 to lift the J Clarke Salver (up to 18),  while Paul Collas lifted The Club Day Shield (18-36) with a best of the day 63. This event also doubles as the NAPGC men’s championship qualifier with 16 players progressing to the regional event. This is also the first round of the Presidents Cup.


27 April 2019 – NAPGC Gordon Forster Final

Held at Cherwell Edge one team from Haste Hill did well to make it to the final of this event which runs throughout the winter. Eventually finishing down the field it was great that we were represented. 


13 April 2019 – Charity Day

Our first big day of the year doubles as the UKPCC qualifier where players progress to a regional final with a chance to then go on to St Andrews. Clive Stasin top scored with 41 points to lift the JMC&JT Trophy from Rob Suh in second spot.  18 players secured spots in the UKPCC regional events.


 Big Events: January - March 2019 


16 March 2019 – Team Players Salver

March is an opportunity for those wishing to play for the Club to stake a claim. Wearing a Club top is a condition of entry. This year it was Liam Cella with 38 points taking the title from Bob Smith. Leroy Benta tok the third placed prize.


12 January 2019 – Order of Merit final

January is a quiet month in the bigger scheme of things, though we do hold the first big event of the calendar year, the Order of Merit final, where the best players from the previous year’s major running competitions - golfer of the year, presidents cup and four seasons – are invited to compete. It was Azun Jainudeen who came out on top with 40 points from Liam Cella. Kevin Byrne took the third place prize.



Haste Hill Golf Club: Men's AGM - Saturday 19 January 2019
Dear All

Those able to attend the EGM in December will know that it was agreed to defer the AGM to January 2019 this year. I am now writing to formally advise it will be held on Saturday 19 January 2019 at 2.30pm in the Club House at Haste Hill.

At the EGM it was agreed that we should have a slimmed down Management Board. This to consist of The Captain, Secretary, Comp Secretary and Comms Manager. The duties undertaken within each of these roles will be flexed depending on nominations and capacity. 

If you would like to put your name forward for one of these four positions please let me know by 9 January 2019 after which I will issue a note confirming nominations. (If you wish to discuss any of these positions please contact myself or Paul Dimmer). 

We will also need to elect a Club President and Seniors Captain at the AGM so please also flag if you are interested in these positions.

Beneath the Management Board there will be a number of working sub-committees covering handicaps, team selection and competition. These are the backbone to the club and I would encourage you to let me know if you are interested in serving in whatever capacity - your incentive will be an invite to play in the Committee Shield !

Remember the Club is a Members Club run by the Members which drives its success, so please do put yourself forward if interested.

Finally, if you wish to bring forward any other motions at the AGM, or if there is AOB you wish to raise please flag to me so that we can ensure it is covered.

The AGM shall commence at 2.30pm and will conclude by 3.45pm latest (if necessary a further meeting will be scheduled).

Business to be discussed at the AGM shall be as follows:

1. Captain's Report
2. Secretary's Report
3. Financial Update
4. Election of Officers 
5. Notices of Motion
6. AOB



Stuart Cella
Secretary, Haste Hill Golf Club





(Date revised from 9/12)

Section 1.  The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in December of each year at a venue to be decided by the Management Committee.


- This will be held at 3pm on Satuday 16 December at Haste Hill Golf Club.


Section 2.  The Notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be placed on the Club’s notice board two clear weeks before the date on which the meeting is to be held; this shall state the business to be transacted.


- The notice is duly posted here on the Club's electronic notice board


Section 3.  The Annual General Meeting shall receive the Audited Statement of Accounts, Captain’s Report, Committee Secretary’s Report and Club Secretary’s Report. It will also elect the Officers and members of the Management Committee and Auditor for the coming year.


- The agenda shall be as follows;

     1. Welcome

     2. Minutes of the December 2016 AGM

     3. Matters arising from these minutes

     4. Reports from Officers of the Club - Secretary; Committee Secretary; Treasurer; Captain; 

     5. Election of Officers and Committee Members; 

     6. Notices of Motion

     7. Any Other Business (if possible please let the Secretary know in advance)

             a. Engagement with Hillingdon Council - Club House and Golf Playing Arrangements

             b. Club tee time booking proposals

             c. Trophies, prizes and prizegiving

             d. Sponsorship and Big Days

             f. Fixture list   


Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following proposals have been received;

President - John Paterson

Vice President - Mick Woods

Committee Secretary - Stuart Cella

Club Secretary - Stuart Cella

Treasurer - Alf Trower 

Captain - Patrick Clasby 

Vice Captain - Jack Yarrow 

Seniors Captain - Dave Digweed  

Five other members - Liam Cella, Barry Daniels, Paul Dimmer, Adrian Green, Dinesh Bhucher, George Sheriff.  


**Nominations will be open until 2pm on 16/12/2017 please advise Stuart Cella if you are interested in joining the Committee


Notice of Motion

Section 4.  Notices of motion proposing amendments to the Constitution, for the Annual General Meeting must be received, by the Committee Secretary, fourteen clear days before the date thereof, and such notices of Motion shall be displayed on the Club’s notice board at least eight days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. All resolutions for amendment to Constitutional Rules must be carried by a two-thirds majority vote.

- The following amendment has been requested;

Section 4.  The Management Committee may will immediately suspend from participation in all Club activities any member whose conduct or actions in their opinion are injurious to the character or interest of the Club or its individual members. Such suspension will remain in force until the offending member shall have the opportunity of appearing before the Committee. They will receive notification of the date for such an appearance in writing from the Committee Secretary. Such notification will be sent by electronic communicationl or recorded delivery to the last address submitted by the member to the Club. If for a justifiable reason the member is unable to attend on the given date, written notification of such reason must be received by the Committee Secretary before the date set for such meeting, when an alternative date will be arranged. If no written application for deferment is received by the Committee Secretary and the member fails to attend the meeting so convened, the Management Committee will deal with the matter on the basis of the evidence to hand. And will take such disciplinary measures they consider necessary in the interests of the Club and its members.  




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