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Safeguarding Children and Young People - A Short Guide for Club Members

Haste Hill GC is committed to ensure that the sport of golf is one within which children and young people involved can thrive and flourish in a safe environment and that all children, young people and adults at risk have a fun, safe and positive experience when playing golf.


Haste Hill GC is an affiliated member of England Golf and follows the England Golf Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and procedures.

You might be thinking “What has safeguarding got to do with me?”


Government guidance makes it clear that ‘Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’.

Anyone who has a negative experience of sport at a young age is less likely to become a regular long-term participant. It’s important for the future of your club and the sport as a whole that children and young people have an enjoyable experience.

All club members have a part to play in making that happen.

All adults should contribute to the club meeting its overall duty of care, be aware of our club’s safeguarding policy, and know what to do if they are concerned about a young person.


Haste Hill GC asks our members to familiarise yourself with the Haste Hill GC Safeguarding Policy.

The full copy of the Haste Hill GC Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy is available on our website www.Haste Hill under the policies page

  • In particular familiarise yourself with:


1.Haste Hill GC Codes of Conduct

Adults should always be aware that age related differences exist and conduct themselves in a manner that both recognises this and prioritises the welfare of children and young people.


2.Anti-Bullying Policy

Haste Hill GC believe that every effort must be made to eradicate bullying in all its forms. The Club will not tolerate bullying in any of its forms during club matches, competitions, coaching or at any other time while at the club.


3.Transport Policy

The club believes it is primarily the responsibility of parents/carers to transport their child/children to and from events.


4.Changing Room Policy

The changing rooms are used by all members & visitors. Wherever possible adults will avoid changing or showering at the same time as children, but parents will be made aware that with limited changing room space there will be occasions when adults and children may need to share the facilities. Where a parent/carer does not consent to their child accessing the changing rooms, it is their responsibility to either supervise the child while in the changing rooms or ensure that they do not use them.


5.Photography, Videoing and the use of Social Media Policies

Think very carefully before contacting a young person via mobile phone, e-mail or social media.

Do not accept children as contacts on social networking sites if you hold a position of trust with children/young people.

In general stick to group communications, copy the communication to a parent and only communicate about organisational matters.


What should I do if I’m concerned about a child or young person?

A concern may involve the behavior of an adult towards a child at the club, or something that has happened to the child outside the club.

Children and young people may confide in adults they trust, in a place where they feel comfortable.

An allegation may range from verbal bullying, to inappropriate contact online, to neglect or emotional abuse, to physical or sexual abuse.

If you are concerned about a child, it is not your responsibility to investigate further, but it is your responsibility to act on your concerns and share them.

Pass the information to Haste Hill GC Welfare Officer who will follow the club’s Safeguarding procedures.


Sara Robinson - Email:  Mob: 07906 323647


If you believe the child is at immediate risk of harm, call the Police. 

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