05/07/2019 Update - Ruislip Golf Course


Following recent research into Haste Hill, Uxbridge & Ruislip Golf Courses, we are pleased to add the following information / updates to that below.


Ruislip Golf Course was indeed laid down by Mr Gearge T Weedon and opened toward the end of October 1914, just under 3 months after Britian had declared war on Germany as World War I began. The course opened under the name of King's End Golf Links with King's End Farmhouse which was situated almost opposite The White Bear Pub, used as the clubhouse, from the beginning,. The name seems to have changed to Ruislip Golf Club by 1934, when the council purchased the golf course, to prevent it being sold for development. The council then purchased additional parcels of land, around the course so it could be extended, and completely redesigned by Sandy Herd. The new course opened as a municipal enterprise on Saturday 2nd September 1939, literally the day before the British Government declared war on Germany at the start of World War II. It may be wise to keep your diary clear for 2024, when the course is scheduled to reopen, who knows what might happen?


27/05/2019 Ruislip Golf Club & Ruislip Golf Course


Sometimes the sense of woe is from the demise of 18 holes you have enjoyed playing and other times it’s disappointment for the passing of a course upon which you didn’t get the opportunity to test your prowess with 14 clubs. Either way, a golfer can’t help but feel a pang of sadness when a course closes. The year 2018 is cited as a particularly hostile year for golf courses with the majority of closures due to simple economics. 


The latter part of the last century witnessed a rise in the popularity of golf with numerous new facilities opening around the country & indeed worldwide, to the point there was a huge concentration of golf facilities here in the UK. Golf however, is subject to fluctuations in popularity in much the same way as any other sport or pastime and we are now at a point in history when fewer people participate in outdoor sports. Whilst a purely commercial golf venture may close very soon after the objective of making money ceases to be realised, a course owned and run by it’s members may struggle on for a while longer before giving in to the inevitable. Many of us will recall the tenure of Mack Trading at local golf facilities and may not be aware of their decsent into liquidation last year with the closure of eight courses under their control. Fortunately the company leased the courses they ran and so it is likely most will re-open.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom, with the sport, in fact showing distinct signs of being on the up once more.


In recent years though, the need for housing has put further pressure on green spaces with the closure of Blue Mountain Golf Centre in Binfield as well as Southwood Golf Course in Farnborough being relatively local examples of this.


Can you recall the hole that was the setting for your first ever birdie, the first time your tee shot made the green at a 210 yard par 3 or maybe your first hole in one? It's quite possible some or all of these occurred on your home course, the course you've also represented in too many competitions to remember, where you've worn the colours of your club with pride. The setting for so many match wins, medal victories, stableford triumphs, memorable rounds and of course the venue for those days you spent wondering why you bother with the 'sodding game' at all.  It's the place you feel comfortable and the place you play golf with friends. Now imagine it's that very course, with all those memories, that is closing


We are therefore lucky at Haste Hill, in that we have a local government proud of the green spaces and sports facilities they oversee and content to set aside a budget to ensure their sporting ambitions are supported.  Albeit with the caveat of the 5 abandoned and 1 closed holes at Uxbridge, we have been able to enjoy golf at no less than 4 publicly-owned tracks in Hillingdon, for many years. It should of course be noted the closure of these holes at Uxbridge was far from a choice made by the council, nor indeed could they have easily foreseen the events that led to their lying fallow.


Given the stated aims of the council and their track record in keeping the sport very much alive in the borough, it is perhaps even more wretched that we will shortly see the closure of the oldest golf course in the immediate area due to something out of local control. Bringing to an end an at least 97 year history of 18 hole golf at what was previously King’s End farm.


Originally named after the King family that lived there in the 16th century, King’s End was a small Hamlet with the farm of the same name set near the junction of Ickenham Road & Sharp’s Lane.


In the later years of the 19th century the particularly grimy, industrial conditions in parts of the capital saw weekend outings in charabancs from these more urban areas of London deposit day trippers out into the leafy countryside that surrounded the city. The local area was particularly popular with a number of what were even then historic buidlings, open spaces and of course what was at the time known as Ruislip Reservoir, a particular draw. With all that fresh air and exercise local entrepreneurs set up small scale tea gardens in the orchards and gardens of Ruislip to ensure the visitors were suitably fed & watered, and relieved of a few pence into the bargain.


With the advent of the Metropolitan Railway and its arrival into Ruislip in 1904 the number of weekend trippers grew into the thousands and one such commercial enterprise was The Poplars, set up by a Mr George Weedon at the corner of Ruislip High Street and Ickenham Road, approximately where Lloyds Bank can now be visited. He was also the owner of King’s End Farm and transformed some of his land into the Poplars Sports Fields with cricket pitches, swing boats & donkey rides amongst the attractions on offer. There were also refreshment rooms seating up to 1500 people at a time.


The exact date an 18 hole golf course was set up on the site is a little unclear but by 1922, designed by the Open Champion of 1902, Sandy Herd, Ruisilip Golf Course officially came into being. Kings End Farmhouse was even utlised as the club house for the course from the late 1930’s until 1951 when houses were constructed there and a new clubhouse was built at roughly the position of what is now the 9th green.


With Haste Hill Golf Course being established in 1926 there is long association between the two clubs, with the members at Ruislip being equally our fellow golfers, feircest rivals, pantomime villains, drinking buddies and good friends. So it is with a great deal of sadness that we note the handover of the course, scheduled for September this year, for the construction of the HS2 railway. It is currently understood that following the completion of works the course will be reconfigured and reopened in 2024, as a 9 hole course with short game areas and a new modern driving range. It is certain the London Borough of Hillingdon will want to do all they can to return the remaining site to use as a credible golfing facility.


On a personal level, Ruislip was one of the courses chosen by a team of four Haste Hill regulars, including me & another member of the current club committee, to undertake the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge a few years ago. The 16th hole is also the place I did land that longer par 3 green, from the tee, for the first time.


So, as far as Ruislip Golf Course is concerned it is very much a case of the railway giveth and the railway taketh away. We urge any golfer to ensure they get down to the course for one last hack around before it’s too late. Then, once you’ve finished your 18 holes raise a glass in the clubhouse, to our friends at Ruislip Golf Club who will eagerly be awaiting the chance to cross clubs with us once again, at their new home, when it opens.


Sources: Eileen M Bowlt and her excellent book, ‘Ruislip Past’, BBC News website, London Borough Of Hillingdon website.



08/03/2019: Liam Cella's stock is rising


As some of you will no doubt be aware, Liam is a member at both Northwood & Haste Hill but chooses to retain his handicap at The Hill. He will no doubt have raised his stock with his new club mates at Northwood on the back of his performance and ultimate victory, partnering Paul Dimmer in the Daily Mail Foursomes Matchplay on Monday. The draw for the next round takes place on the 18th March. We wish them well for round two.


07/03/2019:  Daily Mail Foursomes Matchplay Tuesday 5th March


Liam Cella and Paul Dimmer played their first round of the this competition, welcoming a pairing from our neighbours, Northwood GC. Home advantage proved decisive with a commanding performance from Liam whose putter could do no wrong. The pair took the first 5 holes without reply with birdies at the 4th and 5th and not losing a hole until the 7th. A third birdie at the 11th strengthened their dominance running out winners with a 5 & 3 margin at the 15th. The match was played with great spirit and sportsmanship and the Northwood pair of Dave A and Paul J are to be congratulated for their endeavours and good humour throughout the match.


Pairs 31/01/2019: January Match and Competition Update


Cup competitions

There were two cup competitions in January: 

  • 12/01/2019 - Order Of Merit Final: The first major event of the year was won by Azan Jainudeen with 40 points, from Liam Cella on 39 in second place and Kevin Byrne on 37 in third spot on count back.
  • 19/01/2019 - Winter Better Ball: Our first big pairs event of the year saw Jimmy Cooley & Adrian Green lifting the title with a respectable 46 points from Vishal Dhanak & Ziggy Yousaf a point back on 45.


Other competition winners

  • 5-6/01/2019: January Stableford - Ben O’Brien (Div1) and Fergus Farrelly (Div2)
  • 12/01/2019: Supplementary Stableford Sudi Shah
  • 26/01/2019: January Bogey - Barry Daniels (Div1) and Adrian Green (Div2)

A full listing of all cup, shield, medal and stableford winners is available on the website.


Sweep winners

The January sweep winners were: G Golding; T Fipkin; A Jainudeen; L Cella; S Shah; J Thiel; J Cooley; A Green (x2); V Dhanak; Z Yousaf; and K Byrne.


Matches played

On the team front six teams were entered in the NAPGC winter knockout, the Gordon Forster Bowl, with three progressing to the second round.


Team Entries and Playing for the Club

More generally, team entries have been made to the Middlesex County and NAPGC team knockouts for 2019.

Competitions entered cater for all handicaps and all members are encouraged to put themselves forward to play.

When playing for the club, home and away, all players are charged a £10 match fee which goes into the wider ‘match fee’ pot towards the cost of visitor green fees and food (when catering is available!) across the whole of the season. There is no charge for players and teams reaching finals, who have their full green fees paid by the Club and wider travel costs subsidised. Club shirts are available to purchase for £30 and ping wind breaker tops are available for £40.

10 January 2019 (without attachments)

Haste Hill Golf Club AGM - Saturday 19 January 2019
Dear Members

I am writing to confirm that the AGM will take place as notified on Saturday 19 January 2019 commencing 2.30pm in the function room at Haste Hill Golf Course (it will conclude by 3:45pm latest). The order of business shall be as follows:

1. Minutes of previous AGM and EGM (attached)
a. matters arising from the minutes
2. Captain's Report
2. Secretary's Report
3. Financial Update (attached)
4. Election of Officers
a. Committee nominations are as follows;
- Captain - Paul Dimmer
- Comp Secretary - Stuart Cella
- Committee Secretary - Graham Golding
- Communications - Adrian Green
b. Nominations for other positions;
- Seniors Captain - Dinesh Bhucher
- President - John Paterson 
c. Confirmation of sub-committee appointments so far
5. Notices of Motion
6. AOB 
a. GT: posting coming matches and details on the Club notice board
b. items from the floor if time permits 


Stuart Cella
Club Secretary, Haste Hill Golf Club


4 January 2019

New Rules of Golf have started!
Dear All

The new rules of golf are operational. The main things you need to know immediately are as follows;
- You must now drop a ball back into play from knee height. If you drop incorrectly you must re-drop or you will be penalised.
- You only have 3 minutes to search for a lost ball. If in doubt hit a provisional and when you start looking start your clock. 
- Pace of play procedures will now be enforced (more detail will follow - you need to be getting round in 4 hours or less!).
- Ready golf is the norm now, though not an excuse for slow play, if you have the honour you should be ready.
- You can touch your line of play on the green and repair damage on the green.
- You can move loose impediments in bunkers and penalty areas.
- A ball moved before a stroke on the green, after marking its position, must be replaced no matter how it moved.
- Penalty areas have replaced water hazards (yellow and red) and provide options to extend such areas beyond what was previously permissible for inclusion in such areas. For example the hedge between 4 and 7 is now to be regarded as within the penalty area so a ball hit into that area can be treated as lost there without needing to find, which will reduce the need for provisional tee shots on those holes. Other changes will be communicated.

That's probably enough for this weekend!

I have not been able to sort an evening rules session yet, but will be at the Club on Saturday 12 January from 2.30pm - 3.30pm when I will be running an overview session of the rules (hopefully in tandem with Pat), provided of course that there is enough interest. Please let me know if you will be attending. I will also try to arrange a mid-week afternoon session in the near future. 




2 January 2019
Haste Hill Golf Club: Men's AGM - Saturday 19 January 2019
Dear All

Those able to attend the EGM in December will know that it was agreed to defer the AGM to January 2019 this year. I am now writing to formally advise it will be held on Saturday 19 January 2019 at 2.30pm in the Club House at Haste Hill.

At the EGM it was agreed that we should have a slimmed down Management Board. This to consist of The Captain, Secretary, Comp Secretary and Comms Manager. The duties undertaken within each of these roles will be flexed depending on nominations and capacity. 

If you would like to put your name forward for one of these four positions please let me know by 9 January 2019 after which I will issue a note confirming nominations. (If you wish to discuss any of these positions please contact myself or Paul Dimmer). 

We will also need to elect a Club President and Seniors Captain at the AGM so please also flag if you are interested in these positions.

Beneath the Management Board there will be a number of working sub-committees covering handicaps, team selection and competition. These are the backbone to the club and I would encourage you to let me know if you are interested in serving in whatever capacity - your incentive will be an invite to play in the Committee Shield !

Remember the Club is a Members Club run by the Members which drives its success, so please do put yourself forward if interested.

Finally, if you wish to bring forward any other motions at the AGM, or if there is AOB you wish to raise please flag to me so that we can ensure it is covered.

The AGM shall commence at 2.30pm and will conclude by 3.45pm latest (if necessary a further meeting will be scheduled).

Business to be discussed at the AGM shall be as follows:

1. Captain's Report
2. Secretary's Report
3. Financial Update
4. Election of Officers 
5. Notices of Motion
6. AOB



Stuart Cella
Secretary, Haste Hill Golf Club

Blogs and News 2018

28 November 2018

EGM to be held 2.30pm on Saturday 8 December 2018
Dear All

At this time of year we usually have the AGM. Instead this year we shall be calling an EGM before being able to progress with an AGM. This will be held at 2.30pm on Saturday 8 December in the function room at Haste Hill. The meeting will conclude by 3.45pm latest.

Business to be conducted is around the following resolutions:

- That we adopt a slimmed down Management Board arrangement for the running of the Club and that the Men's section similarly adopts a slimmed down Men's Management Committee with these elected persons serving on the Management Board.
- That the existing constitution be replaced with the revised Men's and Club constitution as attached.
- That the AGM be deferred until January 2019 when representatives will be elected in line with the existing or new constitution as determined by the membership.
- Update on coming rules changes.

The attached documents set out the principles of the new arrangement which brings the ladies section more into focus as an integral part of the Club rather than being defined as a sub-section of the Men. The existing constitution is also attached for reference.

While the Men's Management Committee is being greatly reduced in size, there is still scope for all existing members and for those who wish to become more involved, to play a more focused role in taking the Club forward through activity on one or more sub-committees.




20 November 2018
Apologies all, the system has not been accessible. Back now so will be updated soon! ? 



16 November 2018

Membership Fees for 2019 and EGM
Dear Members

Despite the current unrest at the club the show must go on. The clubhouse situation is not ideal but we can look forward to getting things moving again when a new contractor is in place (date unknown!). I'm sure you will all also agree the course is coming back to shape, so its not all doom and gloom.

MEMBERSHIP - Membership fees are now due for 2019 and the Committee has agreed these should be unchanged for 2019 Membership, which is £100 for full membership and £60 for seniors (over 60's) membership, while the young adult under 25's rate is £30. For those of you with children or grandchildren under 18 (as at 1 January 2019) we can offer free membership (please drop me an email and Paul or I will discuss with you). These prices are the discounted 'on time' renew prices - the full rates are £10 more and kick in if you have not renewed by 14 January 2018.

We have also introduced a new category of membership for 2019. This is for over those over 60 year old and who only play midweek golf. The senior midweek membership fee will be £40, but as part of this membership you will not be entitled to enter weekend competitions.

Subscriptions can be paid to a committee member by cash or cheque (payable to Haste Hill Golf Club), or deposited in the card box, or more preferably paid by bank transfer to the Haste Hill Golf Club account --> sort code: 60-18-05 account number: 70691576. If doing this please send me an email when you make your deposit so that I can verify receipt. All payments received will be confirmed by an email acknowledgement of receipt.

If you wish to pay in installments this can also be arranged, please email me and we can arrange.

Membership includes provision of a County Card, which gives discounts on green fees at other course, for those who want one - these are typically available from late March and can be collected from the pro shop at that time.

EGM before AGM - The committee is considering revamping the constitution to make more modern and reflective of our future direction. To this end we propose holding an EGM on Saturday 8 December at 3pm in the club house to discuss and vote on the proposal. As this will impact the committee structure we would then hod the AGM slightly later than usual. 
The main proposals which will be circulated, will be for a slimmed down management committee of around 6 members on it. This will be supported by sub-committees with additional members to support the new arrangement. Any feedback on this proposed direction would be appreciated. 



13 November 2018

Remembrance Day Comp - 10/11/18
Dear All

Unfortunately the Remembrance Day comp for the Les Acquah Trophy has had to be 'abandoned'. This is because of casual water on greens, which as detailed in the running a competition rules, requires that a committee suspend play when a hole is completely surrounded by water. Play to be resumed if possible when conditions clear or greens can be sufficiently swept. As this was late in the day opportunity did not arise to resume before darkness fell. For a competition round to be valid the full field need to have opportunity to complete their round. Where competitions are played over more the 18 holes and several days there are options to return the following day, but that option is not open to us. The R and A have been consulted and agree with this ruling. The competition is therefore abandoned and will be rescheduled to another date very soon (details to follow ASAP). 

It was though possible to conclude the Osborne Cup as all players in this had completed their round. Congratulations to the winners Avi Kumarasinghe and Azan Jainudeen (39+34=73) and runners up Tariq Khandker and Prash Sanghani (36+33=69).

In closing the Remembrance Day competition as abandoned, CONGU rules still require that players handicap records be reduced where a player has scored better than the SSS but that no adjustment otherwise be made. These will therefore be applied (after I have sent this email!).

Finally, as those caught in the rain will agree it was quite torrential, however, this does not provide scope for players to temporarily stop play, unless the course is unplayable as set out above and they wish to seek a committee ruling. Where the hole in front is clear players are required to play their shots without delay, taking shelter or otherwise delaying play is considered as undue delay of play within the rules and a two shot penalty is applicable (which can be modified to one by the committee). Please bear this in mind for the future. 




7 November 2018

Alcohol consumption at haste hill
I have been asked by the council to bring the below information to the attention of club members. Grateful if you can abide by the request moving forward. 

It has been brought to our attention that on Saturday 3rd November 2018, club members representing the mens section, brought alcohol onto Haste Hill premises and consumed it within the clubhouse. This is the second time this has happened, the first being Tuesday 30th October 2018.

Please find attached London Borough of Hillingdon Public Spaces Protection Order. I would like to draw to your attention the following points:

(A) i. Drinking alcohol (other than in premises licensed for the sale of alcohol or at venue where a Temporary Event Notice is in place) after having been required to stop by an authorised person.

(B) a. Hand over immediately any alcohol, where in an open or closed container, when required to do so by an authorised person who believes that the person has consumed, is consuming or intends to consume alcohol in breach of the prohibition at (a)i above. 

Club members should be aware of the consequences of fixed penalty notices of a maximum of £100. Copies of the PSPO are available from the golf shop. 

The reason why this action is being taken is to maintain the health and safety of all users of the clubhouse.

We very much appreciate the unfortunate position Haste Hill clubhouse is in but would be grateful for club members patience whilst we re tender for a new food and beverage operator. Notices continue to be displayed advising all users that alcohol is not permitted, golf customer services will continue to monitor and the borough enforcement team will be making unscheduled visits.




29 October 2018


Update and coming events
Dear All

As we enter the winter period it is sad that our club house will be shut. What this means in effect is the lounge area will be open but the only refreshments available will be from the pro-shop. They have had a coffee machine installed!

I did write asking what was happening and when, but got a fairly standard reply that the council had to go through full procurement procedures and this would take months. they chose not to comment as to why a temporary caterer could not be installed. The pro shop will close at 4pm and the car park locked at the same time so please avoid getting locked in.

I have also asked the council what is happening regarding course set up to comply with the new rules of golf from January and the World Handicap System in 2020, but was told they would be engaging England Golf. I have subsequently responded that we would like to work with them, that we have in fact already taken steps to get the course rated in readiness and reminded that its the members who pay affiliation fees to England and Middlesex Golf. Its all very hard work trying to work with a council who seem to wish to push back on all communication fronts for whatever reason. We will continue to try to engage for the benefit of all.

Now the stuff you wanted to hear about as the show must go on .............

This coming weekend is the stableford for all and Hardy Cup for left handers only. Please put a L in a circle by your name if you are a left handed player.

We have our remembrance golf day on Saturday 10 November. Tee bookings are open on how did i do, or you can email me back (apologies but I needed to move some to accommodate the Osborne pairs). Cost will be £7 and optional £3 sweep. For this day a discounted green fee of £16 will also be available to those who pay as you go.

In conjunction its the Osborne pairs final at 9.00am and 9.08am tee times. I have booked players in. The qualifiers are: Hasta Gurung & Jitu Jadeja (31+32) = 63; Mauizio Patane & Daren Butler (39+24)=63; Avi Kumarasinghe & Azan Jainudeen (32+29)=61; and Tariq Khandker & Prash Sanghani (32+29)=61. If you are unable to play please let me know.

The following Saturday 17 November we have the rearranged Scramble. Teams of 4, pick our own, playing handicaps must total at least 55 at time of entry. Tee times will be available on how did i do from Sunday. Or you can email me in advance. 

I think that's enough for now, but will keep you posted.



12 October 2018

Autumn and Osborne Cups - Sat 13 & Sun 14 October
There is a lot of discussion about whats occurring this weekend Sat 13 / Sun 14. For clarity its the Autumn Cup with the Osborne cup in tandem. 
For the Autumn Cup sign the entry sheet in the normal way before play. If also entering the pairs enter your names bracketed together on the back of the entry sheet and additionally deposit the entry fee for that comp.

Autumn Cup Rules are: 
Play on Saturday or Sunday; Men’s singles stableford – White tees – Full handicaps up to 36
Prize for winner and runner up; Entry fee £3 (+ optional £2 sweep)
Players may arrange own times and enter on either day – Min 3 balls

In conjunction the Osborne Cup rules are:
Annual aggregate pairs competition, comprising two qualifying rounds and a final. All play is from the white competition tees; Open to all Men’s section members with a handicap up to 24; Players are entitled to their full individual handicap; Team score to be derived by adding the individual 18 hole scores together for each round. 
From the first qualifying round the top 10 and ties qualify for the second round. From this the top 4 and ties will qualify for the final. If scores are tied at the final aggregate count back will apply; Players are not permitted to play in the same group as their partner. Final round players must play together.
The cup will be played in conjunction with other competitions. The KO rounds will be over 18 holes. Scores are reset after each round. Players must sign in to the competition and pay the entry fee before the set closing date. Winners and runners up receive prizes.
Entry fee: £5 per pair before first round.

I hope this clarifies - play well!


25 September 2018 - Email message


Winter Rules are in Operation
Dear All - This is to confirm we are playing Winter Rules.

Through the green, a ball that is embedded may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green. (Appendix 1 Part A 3a of the Rules of Golf)

A ball lying on a closely-mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within six inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard and not on a putting green. (Appendix 1 Part A 3b of the Rules of Golf)

In addition areas that are fully circle roped off are GUR, if your ball comes to rest in these areas you must take relief.


13 September 2018 - Email message


Haste Hill Update
Dear All

Tee times have been entered for the J Williams Day on Sat 15 September. I noted some entries had disappeared from the start sheet. If you do not get a time and require one please let me know. If you are no longer coming please also let me know.

The course remains quite poor so if you are not happy I would urge you to write a complaint to the council (as I have done with request for some form of refund). Without some weight of support we will otherwise be given no consideration moving forward. 

The committee have been asked a number of questions about disciplinary arrangements recently. To put issues to rest I would offer the following advice: 
* If you are playing in a competition always try your best at every hole and return your card. If you don't it impacts everyone else in the competition as your card impacts the CSS score. * You all have a duty to report any incidents to the committee if you consider investigation is required.
* If someone in your group doesn't apply the rules properly you need to let them know, we all have a duty to protect the field.
* When someone says 'you aren't going to pull me for that are you' throw it back to them, do they want to play to the rules of golf or not. Do not sign a card as marker if you are not in agreement with the recorded scores.
* Make sure your ball is uniquely identifiable. If you change your ball before starting a hole you need to tell your marker. You cannot change your ball during the play of a hole unless it is lost or declared damaged. If you mistakenly use a different ball when putting for example there is a penalty!

Golf is a game where you primarily judge yourself - just remember to enjoy yourself and the golf will look after itself !

Kind regards


5 September 2018 - Email message


Alan Noad Funeral - 14/9/2018
Dear All

I am sadly writing to inform the passing of Alan Noad a Committee Member for a number of years and former Senior Captain.

For those wishing to attend his funeral details are as follows:

Friday 14 September 2018 @ 1.15pm
St. Giles’ Church, Corner of Swakeleys Road & High Road, Ickenham, Middx, UB10 8BG



22 August 2018 - Email message

Coming Events - you need to sign up if wanting to play!
Dear All

As we move to the Autumn round of competitions its a very busy period!

All of the following events are now OPEN to entry by using the howdidido booking tool or emailing me if you are struggling with that (I see some have already entered - well done!).

1. First up we have the Seniors Open 55+ on Wednesday 5 September entries will be open until a week before when the draw will take place. Entry fee is £10 which includes some food.

2. Then its the Paul Cup Final on Sunday 9 September. Entries will close on 31 August when reserves will be invited to fill unfilled slots. Tee times will be in lead qualifier order between 9am and 10am. All those who have shot 208 or less have qualified - scores are on howdidido and also available on the website running competitions page. 

3. The John Williams Memorial Day is on Saturday 15 September - its the usual big day arrangements and fees - £15 and £5 optional sweep. Guests are welcome and green fees will be discounted for all those without season tickets on this day. Tee times are on a first come basis so get your name in now if you specifically want early, late or something in between. 
For this event you can add others at the same time as entering yourself.

4. For the Medal Winners Final on Saturday 22 September you have qualified if you are on the list on the website! (see running comps page - link to website - email me if you are struggling with this!). Tee times are available to book in 3 zones 804+, 844+ and 924+. Draw will be made a week before the event within these bands.

5. And finally the Trophy Winners Final on Saturday 6 October where you have qualified if you are on the list on the website! (see running comps page - link to website - also email me if you are struggling with this!). Tee times are again available to book in 3 zones 804+, 844+ and 924+. Draw will be made a week before the event within these bands.

nb. If you have not qualified for the medal or trophy winners finals but want a game on those days please email me and I will endevour to include you for a game.

Here is a link to the website page where the qualifiers are all listed http://www.hastehillgolfclub.co.uk/mens-section/competitions/running-comps/



27 July 2018 - Email message

Haste Hill Open - Saturday 18 August 2018
Dear All

Entries are open for the Haste Hill Open on Saturday 18 August.
As far as possible the draw will be in handicap bands with times between 8.00am and 11.00am. Please reply to enter and pay on the day.

Details are as follows:

HASTE HILL OPEN - Saturday 18 August

Men’s singles medal – White tees – Full handicaps up to 36
This is an 18 hole ‘Open Competition’- any player with a competition handicap may enter
CDH number to be supplied by any visitors 

There will be three trophies awarded in the following order; The Open Trophy for up to 18 handicaps, The Open Shield for 19 to 36 handicaps, The Lin Hel ‘scratch’ Cup for the best Gross.

As a minimum there shall be prizes for the trophy winners and top six overall. 
Other prizes include nearest the pin & longest drive (players may not win more than 1 major prize or trophy)

Entry fee £15 per person, includes drink and roll on arrival (+optional £5 sweep &2’s) 
Players must enter in advance and play in Club times.
(Green fees for non season ticket holders will be £20).

It would be good for all players to be integrated in the competition times, but if you do require an early or late time please let me know.

Start sheet will be issued late on Sunday 5 August so entries by return please. This is an open competition so players from other clubs with valid CONGU handicaps are welcome.



20 June 2018 - Match Play and Stroke Play
Members are hereby duly reminded that match play and stroke play events cannot be played simultaneously.

If a player does attempt to do both at the same time, the penalty is disqualification from the stroke play competition and the match play result is void.


If players enter match play events they are commiting to play that format and should make time to play matches within time allowed. Please  don't enter if you do not want to play to the rules of golf in this respect!




7 June 2018 - Email message


Club Championships - final update / instructions
Dear All

Finalised tee times for Saturday have now been issued. Any issues please let me know. If you haven't received one you are probably not included so also let me know if you wish to play. You cannot enter the 36 hole event on the day.

On the Saturday you should sign on the entry sheet before play in the pro shop and pay the entry fee. For those intending to play the 36 hole event the fee is £10 Saturday and a further £2 on Sunday. (For the 5.00am mob please confirm your entry by text or similar before starting). 

Please sign the entry sheet by your name and show the amount you are paying. Failure to sign in and pay the entry fee will result in disqualification for not entering as required. 

If you elect to play Saturday only, which is £3 and optional £2 sweep you cannot then upgrade to the 36 competition.

After play those who entered the 36 hole comp must indicate on the returning Sunday start sheet whether they are returning the following day. Failure to do so will mean non-inclusion in the draw. Tee times will be sent out by email and available on howdidido when all groups have completed on the Saturday.

If you are playing Sunday medal only you can enter on the day for the £3 and optional £2 sweep.

All Sunday play in the 36 hole event is in Club times, which run from 9.00am-11.00am in reverse qualification order. Players must again sign in before play to avoid disqualification (will review tee times when numbers are confirmed).

Pat Clasby will be refereeing over the weekend and slow play penalties will be enforced in line with the rules of golf. 


29 May 2018 - Email message

Haste Hill Golf Club Local Rules
Dear Members

Winter rules have ended - Please take note that Winter rules have finished with immediate effect. This means that there is no longer roll over on fairways, no relief if plugged in the rough and no rolling from holes or bare lies on greens. 

Mole hill clarification - In addition please note that relief from mole hills may only be taken where the piled earth still exists. Where the mole hill has been flattened and even though a bare patch will remain the lie will be rub of the green and no relief allowed. 

You will wish to be aware of the following temporary local rules that are in operation:

Ditches - The ditch on right of 8th which runs behind the 2nd green and down to the back of the 16th green is all GUR. The ditches across the front of the 12th hole are GUR. 

Bunkers – The bunkers at the front of the 3rd and the surrounding grass area is all GUR. The bunker at the rear of the 11th and surrounding area is GUR. The bunker on the left and right side of the 15th are GUR. The bunker at the left of the 17th is GUR. The bunker on the right of the 18th is GUR. All bunkers on the 1st hole are GUR. 

GUR play prohibited – The roped area at the back and right side of the 1st green is GUR from which relief must be taken.

Full local rules and boundary clarification can be found on the website at - http://www.hastehillgolfclub.co.uk/the-course/local-rules/



20 May 2018 - Email message


Club Championships - Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June 2018

Dear All

The course championship is fast approaching. Club times are available on Saturday 9 June from 8.04am-10.04am. Alternatively players can book their own times at any time on the first day, minimum of 3 players per group and players and times must be registered to play with me a week beforehand. All Sunday play is in Club times, which run from 9.00am-11.00am.

If wanting to play in the Saturday tee times please let me know and I can pre-book you - please give me a rough idea of when you would like to play. From 26/5 un-booked tee times will be released for any late entries to self add themselves on a first come basis. 

Regular Saturday players should also reply to this email if requiring a tee time. 
**Players unable to play both days can enter one day only for £3 (£5inc sweep)



16 May 2018 - Email message

Tigers Foxes and Rabbits Cups - Sunday 27 May 2018
Dear All

On Sunday 27 May we have the Tigers Foxes and Rabbits Cups.

Club times are available or you can play earlier in your own times - min 3 balls - but if playing early you must register the players names with me in advance of the day. 
Club times 9.00am - 11.00am can be selected and booked through the howdidido booking tool (or drop me a note) - first come basis.

Its a mini big day, entry is £6 with an optional £4 extra for sweep and twos. Each cup winner will get a £40 prize voucher and runners up £20. 

The top 0-14 and 15-28 along with the next best score will also qualify to play for the Club in the MCGU Coronation Bowl - green fees and meals for this included as part of the prize.


1 May 2018 - Rules and England Golf
England Golf has granted authority to counties to allow clubs to extend Winter rules until 31/5/2018 where ground conditions warrant. Mddx have duly extended this to Clubs and we have applied this.


From January 2019 the new rules of golf will come into force. These have not yet been formally published, when they are we will seek to share the key issues with members.


From January 2020 the new world handicap system will come into force. England Golf have run seminars for Club officials to explain the system. In simple terms each course will have a slope standard score and players handicaps will be vaired to match different courses played. Again further news will follow in due course.


29 April 2018 - Email message

Haste Hill News - Club Day 12/5 and KO draw update
Dear All

On Saturday 12 May its the Club Day. Please go onto howdidido and book yourself in if you wish to play or send me a communication and I can add you. The times are in blocks which will be drawn later this week. Fee is normal big day £15 +£5 roll and coffee included.
Charity Day prizes will be available for collection too. oio 

The KO draws were issued to those with matches to play. Parker singles by early May and the doubles by 28/5. No one had more than one doubles to play so do not ask for an extension. If you have not played both pairs will likely be scrubbed. 
The full second round draws have also now been made and are available on the website in the knock out section - please get ahead by arranging your matches http://www.hastehillgolfclub.co.uk/mens-section/competitions/knockouts/


19 April 2018 - Email message

Dear All
1. Thanks to all who turned out last Saturday for the charity day in aid of prostate cancer. From the entry fees we have been able to donate £300 to the charity. This is the Captain's charity so we will be looking to further fund raise for this cause through the season including on Captain's day.
2. Well done to the overall winner Ross Talbot with 42 points and the other prize winners Terry Fletcher, Maurizio Patane, Brian Maguire, Pat Mooney and Sanjay Agarwal.  And John Shervill, Liam Cella and Steve Wren who won the extras. There were also a number of 2's winners. Prizes will be distributed soon.
3. The inter-club team series are now into full swing and we've had some good results in a range of early round events. Thanks to all who have turned out for the Club. If you aren't involved and want to be let me know.  Full details will go on the website soon(ish).
4. KO first round draws were issued along with the Parker second round. The draw was conducted to prevent anyone playing more than one first round game in the pairs so get a date booked in and the match played in good time. The second round draw will be out soon, to enable those who had byes to crack on arranging and playing.
5. The course works have gone pretty well, with the greens already reasonably recovered due to the medium coring that took place and irrigation system. This being the case a competition will be possible this weekend, but it will be the H May stableford Cup rather than the Clifton Medal Cup (so they swap places in the calendar). The cup runs all day Saturday, minimum 3 balls, tee off as long as there is light to complete your round. Apologies for the late notification.
6. A lot of GDPR returns have been received thank you. Remember if you don't reply I can't keep you on the notification lists etc. so get the return back to me if you are content to opt in.

6 April 2018 - Email message - GDPR

Dear Members
On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation kicks in. To comply as a Club there are certain things we must do and you need to formally respond to accept.
We use and process your data as follows; 
1. The data we hold about you name, address, date of birth, email and phone numbers is needed to manage your account. This is being held on the Club System Data base, which links to the howdidido system.
2. We also store your email and phone number in the members secure area of the club website, to enable members to contact each other about matches and competitions etc.
3. Your name and handicap goes onto the EGU central database of handicaps (CDH) system.
4. Your name handicap and results also go onto the howdidido website.
5. Your email address is used to send you information about the Club.
6. Results with the names of individuals are published on the Club website.
These processes and systems are, I am sure you will agree, all necessary for the running of the golf club.
For us to continue to use your details in this way you need to formally 'opt in' we cannot accept a nil reply as opting in.
I would be grateful if you could do this by responding to this email.
If you would like to further discuss or communicate on this please let me know.

28 March 2018 - Email message

Dear All
Just a few reminders.....
Firstly, if you want a season ticket you only have until this Saturday 31 March to sort it out......
The desk is open 9-3 in the pro shop Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Secondly, if you want to enter the KO competitions these close on Saturday 31 March at lunch time - earlier email refers.
Thirdly, if you want to enter the Charity Day on Saturday 14 April you can enter on the how did i do booking app, or email me - its great to see that a number of you have already registered, I'm sure you'll agree it was quite painless. Times are on a first come basis and you can sort your own groups.  This on line booking is the way ahead......
Finally, this Saturday is the team players trophy. I've had a few queries about this. Basically its a singles stableford for people who want to represent the Club. The sign in list will be used by the selection committee. However, to qualify for entry you must wear your red club shirt or black ping top on the day of play. Or if you don't have one, must have placed an order before Saturday with me for one (you can email me). 
Finally finally, there are a lot of matches coming up so good luck to all who will be representing the club.

16 March 2018 - Email message

Dear All
KO entries are now open. To enter please put an envelope with entry details on (names/comp) and payment in the competition box.  Rules are below. Thanks

27/02/2018 - Revised handicap limits fo Haste Hill competitions

With the introduction of handicaps upto 54 for Men, the Committee have taken the opportunity to review the handicap bands and limits for all of our competitions. Players with higher handicaps than allowed can normally still enter but will be capped at these limits. Players should check the entry forms and sign in sheets for confirmation of rules for each competition.

In broad terms the handicap limits shall be as follows:

  • For weekend medals, stablefords and bogeys there will now be two divisions - 0-18 and 19-54
  • For midweek medals and stablefords there shall be one division up to 54.
  • For weekend cups and shields the handicap limit will be 36
  • For one day cups the handicap limit will be 24
  • For better ball strokeplay/stableford pairs events the limit shall be 40
  • For greensomes and foursomes strokeplay/stableford events the limit shall be 24
  • For KO pairs events the limit shall be 24
  • For the singles KO the limit shall be 18
  • For the seniors KO the limit shall be 36
  • Big day handicap divisions will be determined by entries

27 February 2018 - Email message

Dear All
The Captains Drive in Texas Scramble is fast approaching.  If you wish to enter you can email me or enter directly via howdidido - see the booking tab. Tee times run from just before 7.48 until 10.30 (depending on entries). 
Teams will be drawn to balance handicaps (low, med low, med high, high), so you enter as an individual (unless you have exceptional needs to play with one other). Similarly special individual needs for early or late tee times can be broadly catered for.   
Teams will be drawn and sent out with tee times this coming weekend so names by lunchtime on Saturday 3 March please. 
Please don't delay enter today!
Full details below.

26/02/2018 - Prize givng day

Photos from the prize giving day are now available to view in past events presentation day 

It was a good afternoon, so thank you to all who took the time out to attend. Trophy winners do not need to get the trophies engraved, this will be done when they are returned. Winners will be notified when the tropies are required. 

31/01/2018 - Handicap Annual Review

The Annual Review is an essential part of the CONGU handicap system, and for players within a club to be correctly handicapped, the committee must carry out the review on all home players between 31 October and 1 March. It is recommended that the review be carried out after 1 January 2018 to allow for changes to be made to the handicap software. It is also worth remembering that the annual review is about applying both increases and decreases where required.  

EGU Annual Handicap Review Notes


The review was carried out at Haste Hill in January and all Members affected by changes have been duly notified by email.


30 January 2018 - Email message

Dear Members

1. The howdidido site issue is now resolved. If you have trouble logging in please log out on your device and try again. If you still have a problem let me know. Fingers crossed!

2. The club house issues and prize giving arrangements will be discussed this Saturday at Committee after which I will confirm arrangements. We will be doing something on Saturday 17 February as planned.

3. If you wish to represent the Club in competitive matches during 2018 please let me know - just drop me an email please.

4. Denis Rafferty has asked me to share the attached link with you. His daughter Samantha is running the London marathon this year in memory of her little girl Niamh, who sadly passed away 5 years ago. Sam is looking to raise £2000 which will go to funding vital research into childhood cancer through Niamh's Next Step. The link will take you to the just giving page where further details and a short video of the worthy cause can be viewed. Your support would be greatly appreciated: 


26 January 2018 - Email message

Dear Members 

There is an ongoing problem with publishing handicaps and results to howdidido. If you are not appearing please do not be concerned. I will advise once the problem has been sorted.



Stop press!
Article regarding club house - January 2018
Adobe Acrobat document [590.2 KB]
05/01/2018 - Data Protection
As Members you have previously agreed for your contact details, Email and Phone numbers, being shared and this is currently done through the members password area of the Club website. If you do not wish your details to be shared please let me know and they will be removed. Similarly if you do not wish your details (name, handicap and scores) to be published on 'how did i do' then please let me know and I will mark your record accordingly. This will however also remove your access to that site. Additionally, if you do opt out you will not be able to enter ko events etc as you will have no contact details available to others.
Stuart Cella
Secretary, Haste Hill Golf Club

2/01/2018 - The updated CONGU handbook is available on-line

The CONGU handbook 2018 has now been released and is available to view on our website. This document is only available as a PDF download from England Golf or direct from CONGU. Further information on the CONGU changes which come into force on 1 January 2018 is available online.


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