12 October 2018
All running competitions, knock out competitions and match results are now up to date.


20 June 2018 - Match Play and Stroke Play
Members are hereby duly reminded that match play and stroke play events cannot be played simultaneously.

If a player does attempt to do both at the same time, the penalty is disqualification from the stroke play competition and the match play result is void.


If players enter match play events they are commiting to play that format and should make time to play matches within time allowed. Please  don't enter if you do not want to play to the rules of golf in this respect!


1 May 2018 - Rules and England Golf
England Golf has granted authority to counties to allow clubs to extend Winter rules until 31/5/2018 where ground conditions warrant. Mddx have duly extended this to Clubs and we have applied this.


From January 2019 the new rules of golf will come into force. These have not yet been formally published, when they are we will seek to share the key issues with members.


From January 2020 the new world handicap system will come into force. England Golf have run seminars for Club officials to explain the system. In simple terms each course will have a slope standard score and players handicaps will be vaired to match different courses played. Again further news will follow in due course.


27/02/2018 - Revised handicap limits fo Haste Hill competitions

With the introduction of handicaps upto 54 for Men, the Committee have taken the opportunity to review the handicap bands and limits for all of our competitions. Players with higher handicaps than allowed can normally still enter but will be capped at these limits. Players should check the entry forms and sign in sheets for confirmation of rules for each competition.

In broad terms the handicap limits shall be as follows:

  • For weekend medals, stablefords and bogeys there will now be two divisions - 0-18 and 19-54
  • For midweek medals and stablefords there shall be one division up to 54.
  • For weekend cups and shields the handicap limit will be 36
  • For one day cups the handicap limit will be 24
  • For better ball strokeplay/stableford pairs events the limit shall be 40
  • For greensomes and foursomes strokeplay/stableford events the limit shall be 24
  • For KO pairs events the limit shall be 24
  • For the singles KO the limit shall be 18
  • For the seniors KO the limit shall be 36
  • Big day handicap divisions will be determined by entries

26/02/2018 - Prize givng day

Photos from the prize giving day are now available to view in past events presentation day 

It was a good afternoon, so thank you to all who took the time out to attend. Trophy winners do not need to get the trophies engraved, this will be done when they are returned. Winners will be notified when the tropies are required. 


31/01/2018 - Handicap Annual Review

The Annual Review is an essential part of the CONGU handicap system, and for players within a club to be correctly handicapped, the committee must carry out the review on all home players between 31 October and 1 March. It is recommended that the review be carried out after 1 January 2018 to allow for changes to be made to the handicap software. It is also worth remembering that the annual review is about applying both increases and decreases where required.  

EGU Annual Handicap Review Notes


The review was carried out at Haste Hill in January and all Members affected by changes have been duly notified by email.


Stop press!
Article regarding club house - January 2018
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05/01/2018 - Data Protection
As Members you have previously agreed for your contact details, Email and Phone numbers, being shared and this is currently done through the members password area of the Club website. If you do not wish your details to be shared please let me know and they will be removed. Similarly if you do not wish your details (name, handicap and scores) to be published on 'how did i do' then please let me know and I will mark your record accordingly. This will however also remove your access to that site. Additionally, if you do opt out you will not be able to enter ko events etc as you will have no contact details available to others.
Stuart Cella
Secretary, Haste Hill Golf Club

2/01/2018 - The updated CONGU handbook is available on-line

The CONGU handbook 2018 has now been released and is available to view on our website. This document is only available as a PDF download from England Golf or direct from CONGU. Further information on the CONGU changes which come into force on 1 January 2018 is available online.


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