Constitution and Rules of Haste Hill Golf Club



Section 1.  The name of the club shall be Haste Hill Golf Club hereafter referred to as the Club.


Section 2.  The Club shall be affiliated to the English Golf Union, Ladies Golf Union and may be affiliated to any other organisation connected with the game of ‘golf' as the Management Committee may deem desirable in the interest of the Club and its members.




Section 1.  The object of the Club is to provide facilities for members to obtain officially recognised handicaps to enable them to enter competitive golf of all kinds.




Section 1.  Throughout the year new applicants for the Club, will be interviewed by a Committee consisting of not less than two members of the Management Committee, whose decision will be final. These interviews are to be held monthly or as deemed necessary by the Committee.


Section 2.  Application for membership will be made on an official membership application form. Each prospective member must be known to the proposing member and the member seconding them.


Section 3.  The candidate for election will be notified of his election or rejection either at the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter by the Committee Secretary. A successful applicant will become a member once the Club is in receipt of the current joining fee together with the full pro-rate amount due for the annual subscription.


Section 4.  The Management Committee will immediately suspend from participation in all Club activities any member whose conduct or actions in their opinion are injurious to the character or interest of the Club or its individual members. Such suspension will remain in force until the offending member shall have the opportunity of appearing before the Committee. They will receive notification of the date for such an appearance in writing from the Committee Secretary. Such notification will be sent by recorded delivery to the last address submitted by the member to the Club. If for a justifiable reason the member is unable to attend on the given date, written notification of such reason must be received by the Committee Secretary before the date set for such meeting, when an alternative date will be arranged. If no written application for deferment is received by the Committee Secretary and the member fails to attend the meeting so convened, the Management Committee will deal with the matter on the basis of the evidence to hand. And will take such disciplinary measures they consider necessary in the interests of the Club and its members.  




   Life Membership (see article 5)

   Honorary Membership (see article 6)

   Full Members (Men) (see article 4)

   Full Members (Ladies) (see article 4)

   Junior Members (see article 7)




Section 1.  Subscriptions will be due on or by 1st January each year, or in the case of new members at the time of election to membership and shall cover the period up to and including December 31st of the same year.


Section 2.  Subscription amounts shall be reviewed and set annually by the management Committee. Such fixed subscriptions for the ensuing year shall be published not later than the 1st November.


Section 3.  In the event of a member not paying before the due date, a fine may be levied at a weekly rate as determined by the Committee. Any member who has not paid the annual subscription (plus any fine so imposed) by 1st February of the same year shall cease to be a member of the Club.




For single or exceptional services to the Club a person may be elected to Life Membership. Nominations for this honour must be a recommendation of the Management Committee to the Annual General Meeting for election by simple majority of voting members present. Persons so elected shall be entitled for life, to all privileges of full membership without payment of the annual subscription.



The Management Committee may in special circumstances elect any person to be an Honorary Member of the Club and such member shall be entitled to all privileges of full membership without payment of the annual subscription. Such Honorary Membership shall be granted for a limited or unlimited period. The Professional appointed by the London Borough of Hillingdon shall be an Honorary Member of the Club.




The Management Committee may at its discretion elect young persons of either sex to become members of the Club upon such terms as it may deem fit. Such Members shall not have voting rights at any General Meeting of the Club.




Section 1.  The officers of the Club may include a President, Vice President, Committee Secretary, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice Captain and Seniors Captain. These officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.


Section 2.  Expectation is that the duly elected Vice Captain becomes Captain the following year, by Committee endorsement to the AGM. However, the Club Committee (by majority decision) does have the right to propose alternative candidates for the post and where necessary a vote shall be taken at the AGM. The posts of Hon Treasurer shall not also be held by the Committee Secretary or Club Secretary.




Section 1.  The Management Committee alone shall be responsible for the management and control of the Club and its finances.


Section 2.  The following shall constitute the Management Committee: Officers as in Article 8 plus the Lady Captain, Ladies Hon Secretary, Professional and also five members of the Club to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Any member nominated to serve on the Committee must have been a member of the Club for at least two years unbroken membership. The Captain will also be Chairman of the Management Committee; although the Management Committee can elect another member to act as Chairman at meetings.


Section 3.  The President and Vice President as Patrons of the Club and two members of the Council may attend the Management Committee meetings and may exercise this privilege without formal invitation; these to be without voting powers unless the Management Committee deem otherwise.


Section 4.  The Management Committee may co-opt any member of the Club to fill any vacancy arising on the Committee.


Section 4a. Any member of the Club can be co-opted on any sub-committee so formed.


Section 5.   Meetings of the Management Committee shall be held as may be deemed desirable by its members, but such meetings shall be held at least monthly during the year commencing from the Annual General Meeting. Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.


Section 6.  Meetings of the Management Committee shall be convened by the Committee Secretary as directed by the Club Captain, or in an emergency by five members of the Management Committee. Any member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings so convened shall, unless they have been granted leave of absence, be deemed to have resigned (this does not apply to the professional).


Section 7.  Each member of the Management Committee shall have one vote in respect of either proposition or amendment.


Section 8.  Voting may be by show of hands or by a secret ballot at the Chairman’s discretion.


Section 9.  The Committee Secretary (or in his absence a deputy) shall keep the minutes of every meeting, which must be confirmed and signed at the next meeting as being a true record of proceedings.


Section 10.The Management Committee shall, at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting, appoint a Chairman for each sub-committee as it may be deemed desirable to form and determine which Committee Members will serve on each. The sub-committee formed may co-opt any member of the Club to serve on them.




Section 1.  The financial year of the Club shall end on 31st October of each year.


Section 2.  The Hon Treasurer shall keep the Club’s accounts, and at the Annual General Meeting present the audited statement of Income and Expenditure for the year. In addition the Hon Treasurer will present, at least quarterly, a statement of accounts to the Management Committee.


Section 3.  Cheques drawn on the Club’s account shall be signed by any two members, from four designated signatories who are members of the Management Committee.


Section 4.  A copy of the audited statement of accounts shall be placed on the Club’s notice board seven days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.

Section 5.  Any monies accruing from sub-committees are to be paid to the Hon Treasurer at least quarterly.


Section 6.  In the event of the Club being dissolved any money held in the accounts shall be shared equally between all paid up Members, Life Members and Honorary Members as of January in the year the Club is dissolved.




Section 1.  The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in December of each year at a venue to be decided by the Management Committee.


Section 2.  The Notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be placed on the Club’s notice board two clear weeks before the date on which the meeting is to be held; this shall state the business to be transacted.


Section 3.  The Annual General Meeting shall receive the Audited Statement of Accounts, Captain’s Report, Committee Secretary’s Report and Club Secretary’s Report. It will also elect the Officers and members of the Management Committee and Auditor for the coming year.


Section 4.  Notices of motion proposing amendments to the Constitution, for the Annual General Meeting must be received, by the Committee Secretary, fourteen clear days before the date thereof, and such notices of Motion shall be displayed on the Club’s notice board at least eight days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. All resolutions for amendment to Constitutional Rules must be carried by a two-thirds majority vote.




Section 1.  Extraordinary or Special General Meetings may be summoned at any time by the Committee Secretary on instruction of the Management Committee or on the written request of 50 members of the Club.


Section 2.  Notice convening such meetings shall be by the exhibition of a suitable Notice on the Club’s notice board two clear weeks before the date on which such meeting is to be held. Such Notices shall state the business to be transacted. Proposals to amend the Constitutional Rules must be governed by Article 11, Section 4.


Section 3.  Voting procedures at Extraordinary or Special General Meetings shall be in accordance with the procedures at Annual General Meetings as expressed in Article 11, Section 4.




Section 1.  The Club will include a Ladies’ Section provided there are at least six ladies who are full members.


Section 2.  The Ladies’ section shall annually convene a General Meeting to elect a Lady Captain, Vice Captain, Hon Secretary and a Committee within this section. This Committee will be responsible to the Management Committee for the running of the Ladies Section of the Club.




The Management Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the safe custody and insurance of the Club’s Trophies.




Section 1.  All competitions shall be played under the rules of golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, and subject to such local rules enforced at the time of the Competitions and from nominated tees.


Section 2.  Competition cards must be marked by a Club member and counter-signed by the player. A minimum of three Club members must play together (with the exception of cards counting for Monthly Medal and Stableford competitions only). All cards marked in respect of competitions must be placed in the competition box immediately upon the completion of the round; otherwise the penalty will be disqualification. The Box will be closed at such time as the Club Secretary (or deputy) shall determine.


Section 3.  Knock Out Competitions: the responsibility for arranging matches will be a joint effort of all concerned. In the event of aforesaid conditions not being met, one or both parties will be disqualified at the discretion of the Club Secretary. The closing date for each round will be the responsibility of the Competition Committee.




Section 1.  The Handicap and Competition Committee of the Club shall comprise the Captain, Club Secretary and other members elected under Article 9, Section 10.


Section 2.  All matters relevant to handicaps or competitions (except the Ladies’ section) shall be referred to the respective sub-committee, and the decision of the sub-committees will be final and binding in all cases.


Section 3.  Official handicaps will be issued to members in accordance with the current handicap regulations.


Section 4.  New members who previously held an official handicap will be required to present a certificate from the Secretary of their former club showing their previous handicap and the standard scratch score of the course. {Note: An official handicap enables a member to play in Club competitions and matches and also enter open competitions at other clubs affiliated to the English Golf Union. For some competitions a player must have been a Club member for at least 6 months}.


Section 5.  Male members must return at least three competition score cards per year; otherwise their handicap will become inactive. To restore their handicap they must comply with Article 16 Section 3.




Section 1.  It shall be the duty of every member to advise the Committee Secretary of any change of address.


Section 2.  All members shall be bound by the Constitution and the Rules contained therein; and to such additions thereto and modifications thereof as may from time to time be made. Any breach of these rules will be handled by the Management Committee as it may deem necessary.


Section 3.  All complaints other than those concerning handicaps and/or competitions (which will be dealt as set out in Article 16 Section 2), shall be made in writing to the Committee Secretary. Such complaints will then be considered by the Management Committee, whose decisions shall be accepted as final.


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