Lady Captain's Reports

Captain’s October to December Report 2018


Winter rules came into operation for medal competition on 7th and 11th October. Winner of division 1 was Li OiKam with nett 69 and runner up with nett 71 was Diana Wallace. Excellent results from division 2 winner Nilla Shah with nett 66 and Maureen Buchanan with nett 69.

Ladies who are aged 70 and over qualify to play 9 holes Golden Girls stableford competition on 25th 13 ladies  competed and the winner with best front 9 was Anne McConnell with 18 pts followed by Maggie McCann with 17 pts.

The committee Salver also played on 25th was won by Maggie McCann with 32 pts and runner up was Sally Jee-Yap with 31 pts.

Newly introduced Super Stableford Final was played on 1st November in wet raining conditions. 12 ladies who have won in stableford competitions during the year qualify to play in this final. The winner was Diana Wallace with 30 pts and Wendy Barr was the runner up with 28 pts.

Christmas competitions started off with Medal Hamper and 35+ stableford hamper on 8th. Sian Whitbread with a nett 74 was the hamper winner in division 1 and runner up was SallyJee-Yap with a nett 75. Division 2 Hamper winner was Anne McConnell with a nett 70 followed by runner up Nilla Shah with a nett 80. Joint scores of 26 pts in the 35+ stableford hamper and it was Nisa Shah emerged the hamper winner on count back from Mair Bird.

Second week of hamper competition was played in wet conditions on 15th but the winners did not seem to be affected as Katherine Yoon,  the hamper winner in division 1 had an excellent score of 37 pts and the runner up was Cheng Loo with 34 pts. Division 2 hamper winner was Nilla Shah with 31 pts and Anne McConnell with 30 pts was the runner up. 35+ stableford hamper winner was Mair Bird with another good score of 35 pts and Sue Woodisse with 19 pts was the runner up.

Frosty start to medal booze competition on 22nd and the winner in division 1 was Diana Wallace with nett 77 on count back from Lin Lee. Anne McConnell with nett 73 was the booze winner in division 2 and runner up Lai Lai King scored nett 84. 35+ stableford booze winner was Mair Bird with an excellent score of 35 pts followed by runner up Maureen Buchanan with 21 pts.

The stableford booze competition was postponed from 29th November to 6th December due to insufficient entries, weather conditions and closure of the first hole. Division 1 winner Sian Whitbread won the booze prize on count back from Li OiKam with 34 pts. Lai Lai King with 32 pts was  the winner in division 2 and Linda Howard with 23 pts was the runner up. 35+ stableford booze winner was  Beryl Herlihy with 31 pts followed by Maureen Buchanan runner up with 16 pts.


Captain’s July to September Report 2018


Grigsby Salver competition was played on 1st and 5th July under scorching heat. In division 1, Lin Lee was the winner with nett 71 and 3 ladies scored nett 74 and it was Katherine Yoon emerged the runner up on count back from Diana Wallace and Gill Mannion. The winner in division 2 with her hot putter was Nisa Shah with nett 66 followed by Louise McAnulty with nett 70.

July medal was played on the 8th and 12th on hard and bouncing grounds , inevitably good scores were returned from both divisions. Diana Wallace with a nett 68 was the winner in division 1 followed by runner up Wendy Barr with a nett 70. Lai Lai King with a nett 67 was the winner in division 2 and the runner up was Pam O Shea with a nett 69. To sum up a good medal round, Sian Whitbread aced the 8th hole on  8th July!

Bhavni Shah played the Middlesex 5 Clubs regional final at Pinner Hill GC on 6th July and she did well with 30 pts, 4 pts short of a winning title.

15  pairs of ladies played in PING 4BBB on 15th and 19th July and amazing scores were returned. With 46 pts from 2 pairs, Sara Robinson and Linda Howard emerged the winning pair on count back from Nilla Shah and Bhavni Shah.

The last round of 31+ stableford competition was played on 22nd and 26th July and the winner was Louise McAnulty with 33 pts followed closely by runner up Maureen Buchanan with 32 pts. The overall champion of Mid Summer Cup played over May, June and July was  Birgit Burn with total points of 87.

13 pairs competed in the mixed Greensomes Grigsby Plate on 31st July, and the winning pair was Li OiKam and George Tomlin with 38 pts and the runner up pair was Sally Jee-Yap and Stanley Yap with 36 pts on count back from Mair Bird and Michael Wood.


A good start to the August month as 3 out of 6 ladies who played in the UKPCC Regional Final in Sudbury GC on 1st August qualified to play in the National Final at St Andrews on 30th September. Congratulations to Sally Jee-Yap, Lai Lai King and Lin Lee and best of luck in their final.

Walker Cup Foursomes was played on 2nd August and the winning pair Sally Jee-Yap & Wendy Barr had an excellent returned score of 42 pts and the runner up pair was Linda Howard & Nilla Shah with 35 pts.

Friendly home match with Sudbury GC was played in unbearable heat on 3rd August and had finished in a 3-1 win.

August medal was played on a super hot Sunday 5th and a wet Thursday  9th but the extreme weather did not affect the results much. In division 1, Wendy Barr was the winner with a nett 69 followed by runner up Catherine Hamilton-Plant with a nett 71. Division 2 winner Li OiKam emerged with a brilliant nett 65 and runner up Louise McAnulty scored a  nett 69.

Blame it on the Rain. Captain’s Charity Day on 16th August had non-stop pouring rain but it didn’t dampen the spirit of 55 golfers and 11 more for the BBQ lunch. Some completed only 3 holes, most had completed 9 holes except for 5 hardy pairs who have  gone out to complete 18 holes of mixed Greensomes. The winning pair with 39 pts were Lin Lee and Ron followed closely by runner up pair Li OiKam and Bill Stevenson with 37 pts. Well done to all the winners ! The amount of £1,193.60 raised on the day will go to Captain’s chosen charity , Michael Sobell Hospice Care.

Usher Sisters Cup was jointly played with extra Medal competition on 23rd August. Judi Walsingham was the winner in division 1 with nett 72, closing in with a nett 73 from runner up Maggie McCann on  count back from Diana Wallace. Division 2 winner was Flora Giam with nett 71 and runner up Birgit Burn returned with a nett 76. The overall winner of Usher Sisters Cup was Flora Giam.

Hillary Cup had to be rescheduled due to course closure for maintenance works.

Club Intersection had to reschedule as well to October due to course maintenance works being carried out on 11th September.

Great scores returned for both Hillary Cup and Bob Wilkie Cup which were played on 2nd and 6th September. In division 1, Diana Wallace was the winner with 38 pts followed by Sally Jee-Yap with 36 pts. A massive score of 40 pts from division 2 winner Louise McAnulty followed by Anne McConnell with 39 pts. The overall winner of Hillary Cup was Louise McAnulty. The Bob Wilkie Cup also won by  Louise McAnulty with Anne McConnell in the runner up position.

Despite September medal played in horrendous green conditions on 9th and 13th ,  some excellent scores were returned by division 1 winner Katherine Yoon with a nett 72 and with a nett 75 was runner up Judi Walsingham. Mair Bird with an amazing nett 68 was the winner in division 2 followed by runner up Lai Lai King with a nett 75.

It has been 7 years since Terry O’Neil Cup started and ladies wore their flip flops after the round in memory of her. The stableford competition was played in 2 divisions, Pam Reynolds with 38 pts was the winner in division 1 followed closely by Judi Walsingham with 37 pts. The winner and overall winner of the Cup was Flora Giam with 40 pts in division 2 and with 34 pts was runner up Nisa Shah.

Marie Curie, the  last charity competition for the year was played on 27th and all players were given a beautiful daffodils pin. In division 1 . Cheng Loo was the winner with 35 pts followed by Sally Jee-Yap with 32 pts. Anne McConnell, winner of division 2 scored 31 pts and 3 ladies Maureen Buchanan, Nisa Shah and Ann Gossington jointly scored 28 pts but it was Maureen Buchanan emerged the runner up on count back.

A home friendly match with Pinner Hill GC was played on Saturday 29th which resulted in a 3-1 win.

A brilliant finish to the summer months when 3 ladies Sally Jee-Yap, Lin Lee and Lai Lai King played in the UKPCC National Final at St Andrews Eden Course on 30th September. Sally  Jee-Yap emerged the runner up in division 1 with 33 pts on count back. Lin Lee scored 29 pts and Lai Lai King had  33 pts but  just missing out on a count back to a runner up position in division 2. Great experience for all 3 ladies who have thoroughly enjoyed it!


Captain’s April to June Report 2018


Rose Bowl competition for handicap 33 and over was called off due to trolley ban on 5th April. 

It’s a great disappointment that another game cannot be played due to course conditions.

First friendly match was played away at Northwood GC on 7 April . Our ladies Diana, Linda, Catherine, Nilla, Sally, Bhavni, Gill and Wendy have put up a good fight but sadly it was a 1-3 loss.

Medal competition was again cancelled due to trolley ban on 12th April. Charity Eclectic usually played on medal competition day could not get underway at the start of April.

This year we have entered 2 teams for Match Play Better Ball Trophy and 2 teams for TopRock Bowl Greensomes. The first better ball match played away at Farnham Park on 15th April was won 4&3 by Gill Mannion and Wendy Barr. Unfortunately they have lost their round 2 home match against Easthampstead 4&3.  Katherine Yoon and Li OiKam have lost their greensomes match at Huntswood 7&6 on 18th April. Diana Wallace and Cheng Loo have fought very hard and lost  in their better ball home match on the very last hole on 22nd April. Violeta Laraya and Sally Jee-Yap had a super tough match at Moore Place GC on 18th May losing 4&3.

Our Spring Away Day was greeted with glorious weather at Richings Park GC on 16th April. 18 ladies came in colourful outfits including some brave ones in shorts who were awarded extra stableford point. Although most scores weren’t very great but it was an outing that all of us enjoyed thoroughly.

5 Club Middlesex was well played on a very warm sunny 19th April and the winner with 33 pts was Bhavni Shah and Katherine Yoon was the runner up with 31 pts. The winner qualifies to the Final at Pinner Hill GC in July.

Club qualifying round for UKPCC was played on 26th April in 2 divisions. The winner in division 1 was Sally Jee-Yap with 30 pts and the runner up was Violeta Laraya with 21 pts. In division 2, a joint score of 32 pts was returned and Lai Lai King emerged the winner on count back from Lin Lee.

Australian Spoon is brought back this year for ladies with  handicap 15-36. The format is half combined Foursomes and the winning pair was Katherine Yoon and Wendy Barr with 27 pts  and closing in on runner up pair was Diana Wallace and Cheng Loo with 26 pts. The winning pair qualify to  Regional Final in the summer.

Our home friendly match with Harrow GC on 4th May was played in glorious sunshine and in good spirit. Our ladies Katherine,Jessie, Sally,Anne Mc, Lin, Linda, Diana and Mair have won 3-1.

May’s medal on the 10th was played in tough conditions with super long and thick rough. The scores returned say it all. Division 1 winner was Diana Wallace with nett 76 and runner up was Sally Jee-Yap with nett 77 on count back from Lin Lee. Division 2 was Mair Bird with nett 87 followed closely with nett 88 was runner up Li OiKam.

4 ladies namely Sally, Diana, Wendy and Gill played mixed Greensomes with Paul, Steve, Stewart and Jimmy at Huntswood GC on 13th May and unfortunately the match didn’t end with a win. The Whitewebbs ladies however have played a superb home match against Huntswood GC on 20th May and have won with a  70 v 66. On the third round home match against Easthampstead on 10th June , our ladies played as well as they could but fell short of 5 points to go through to the semi final. A great effort put up by the team, Diana, Gill M, Wendy and Violeta.

Friendly at Rickmansworth GC played on the 16th May was an enjoyable day for our ladies Linda, Sally, Maggie, Wendy, Lin, Li and Lai King even though the result was 1 ½ - 2 ½ lost.

The first of 31+ stableford competition was played on 17th May and the winner was Birgit Burns with 28 pts and the runner up was Anne McConnell with 25 pts.

13 pairs of ladies have participated in the Coronation Foursomes on 24th May, the winning pair on their first partnership Pam O Shea and Krystyna Zajaczkowska have creamed the course with an awesome 35 pts followed by runner up pair Katherine Yoon and Wendy Barr with 28 pts

H May Summer Cup for handicap 26-34 was won by Flora Giam with 32 pts followed by runner up Li OiKam with 29 pts.

Captain’s Day on 7th June was well supported by 36 golfers and 45 ladies for buffet lunch. The ladies have gone all the way out for “ loud and outrageous” theme with scarf worn in amazing style. Fun prizes were given to the most outrageous ladies, Wendy Barr and Mair Bird. Delicious cakes and pimms were fantastic welcome breaks for hugs, chats, and fun photos on the terrace. Funds for Captain’s chosen charity were raised at 10th hole for mulligan shot and fun  hand rolling putts were enjoyed by both men and ladies on the practice putting green. The overall champion of Captain’s Cup was defending  champion Wendy Barr with 34 pts on count back from Katherine Yoon. Division 2 winner was Li OiKam with 33 pts followed by Mair Bird with 27 pts. Nearest to the pin was won by Violeta Laraya on 11th hole for division 1 and Mair Bird on 8th hole for division 2. Nearest to the line on the 10th hole was indeed  very close and needed to measure and the winner was Susan Macpherson.

The second round of 31+ stableford competition has seen an excellent score of 34 pts returned by winner Lai Lai King followed by runner up Birgit Burns with 29 pts.

7 ladies supported and played Mens Captain’s Day competition on 23rd June,  Sally Jee-Yap emerged the winner with 36 pts and runner up was Diana Wallace with 34 pts.

The last of Aldenham friendly match was played by Linda, Sally, Diana, Cheng, Wendy, Li, Anne Mc and Lai King on an extremely warm day 25th June and the result was less heated with an honourable draw.

10 pairs played the Mixed Grove Trophy on 26th June and Stanley Yap and Sally Jee-Yap emerged the winner with 37 pts.

Jackie Taylor Salver played on 28th June have seen some very good scores in both divisions. In division 1,  Sally Jee-Yap emerged the winner with 39 pts followed by runner up Wendy Barr 33 pts. Winner of division 2 also returned with another excellent score of 39 pts from Ann Gossington followed by runner up Li OiKam with 36 pts. Overall Salver winner is Sally Jee-Yap on a card play off.


AGM with prize giving evening on 16th January was well attended by the ladies. A special recognition was awarded to Diana Wallace for her 20 years of service to the club. All ladies have renewed their memberships and 2 more ladies have joined making a total of 62 ladies and 10 friends.

The winter months were harsh and no competitions were held until second half March. Our first qualifying March medal did not get to play out due to course closure.
 There was however a good start to the new season on 24th February when Daily Mail Foursomes pair, Gill Mannion and Sian Whitbread won 2&1 in their round 1 home match against Wimbledon Park GC. Unfortunately they lost their round 2 match to Sandy Lodge GC 5&3 on 25th March.
Competition finally got underway with 14 ladies playing Doris Scott Stableford  on 22nd March but was played non qualifying due to course conditions. Division 1 winner was Sally Jee-Yap with 31 points followed very closely by Diana Wallace with 30 points. Birgit Burn won division 2 with 26 points and Mair Bird was the runner up with 25 points.
10 ladies participated in the Middlesex Winter Eclectic which ran from October 2017 to March 2018. The results were really close with 3 ladies , Sally Jee-Yap, Diana Wallace and Sian Whitbread in joint second with 62.5 and winning by 61.5 was Cheng Loo. A total of 103 ladies from 6 clubs in Middlesex county took part in this yearly Eclectic and Haste Hill has done very well coming in second place and Sian Whitbread has emerged the winner in the bronze division. Congratulations to all the ladies.




This is the month for all the Christmas competitions where there are hampers and booze to be given away. The first week sees the start of medal hamper which was won on count back by Sally Jee-Yap with nett 70  in division 1 and runner up was Diana Wallace. Lai Lai King with an awesome nett 65 won a hamper in Division 2 and runner up was Anne McConnell. A special 35+ stableford hamper was played by 9 ladies and the winner of hamper in this category was Maureen Buchanan with 22 pts and runner up was Gill Williams 21 pts on count back from Patricia Rak.


Another week of hamper competition but it’s stableford play this time. Division 1 hamper winner was Pam Reynolds with 33 pts and runner up was Sian Whitbread on count back from Sally Jee-Yap with 31 pts. Division 2 winner was Lai Lai King with 31 pts and runner up was Flora Giam with 29 pts. As the rule is set for one hamper to be won only once, Flora was the recipient of the hamper. Similarly special 35+ stableford  winner was Maureen Buchanan with  22 pts but the hamper will go to runner up Beryl Herlihy with  21 pts .


Margaret Eclectic which ended in October with submission of 5 cards from July was won by Gill Mannion with nett score of 57 and Sian Whitbread was runner up with nett score of 59.


A late report on the win of NAPGC Ladies Better Ball matchplay in September. After battling 5 rounds, Cheng Loo and Diana Wallace reached the final to be played at Frilford Heath GC. Due to injury ,Cheng was substituted by Violeta Laraya in the final. The ladies have won the Rose Bowl Trophy on the 19th hole.


Division 1 medal booze was won by Katherine Yoon with nett 74 and runner up was Lin Lee with nett 75. Although there were not as many ladies in division 2, booze prize will still be given to winner Linda Howard with nett 78 and runner up  was Pam O Shea with nett 79 on count back from Anne McConnell. 35+ stableford booze was won by Nisha Shah with 25 pts followed in closely with  24 pts was runner up Mair Bird.


The last qualifying competition for the year was stableford booze. Diana Wallace was the winner with 34 pts and Pam Reynolds was the runner up with 32 pts. 35+ stableford booze was won again by Nisha Shah with 22 pts and Patricia Rak,  the runner up with 21 pts will be the recipient of the booze prize.



A great start to the month as our 2 ladies who qualified to the national final of UKPCC played at Eden course, St. Andrews Golf Club on 1st Oct have achieved excellent results. Violeta Laraya (Division 1) with 2 others have scored 33 pts but lost out on count back for a runner up finish. Catherine Hamilton-Plant (Division 2), however have won on count back for runner up with 37 pts. Congratulations to our both ladies for flying our club’s name high in the Highlands


Medal was played with dreadful green conditions. Division 1 winner was Katherine Yoon with nett 73 and runner up was Lin Lee with nett 74 on count back from Cheng Loo. New winners have emerged from Division  2 . Birgit Burn won with nett 78 and runner up Flora Giam closed in with nett 79 .


10 pairs of ladies competed in the Daily Mail Foursomes qualifying round. The winning pair was Sunday ladies Sian Whitbread and Gill Mannion with 34 pts and runner up pair was Sally Jee-Yap and Wendy Barr with 32 pts.


Hawtree Cup final was played Sunday 15th and Thursday 19th by 9 ladies who qualify. Everyone has equally tough conditions to play with but the best putter deserve to win the 2017 Cup. Gill Mannion who had an amazing feel for the sandy greens has emerged the winner with nett 73 and Judi Walshingham who had a good comeback with nett 78 was the runner up. No other ladies scored under nett 80! Well done ladies.

Conditions weren’t ideal on Sunday and Thursday stableford competition. Ladies had to battle with gusting wind, dense fog and rain. The course conditions didn’t help either and so  the competition was played non qualifying . The winner with 35 pts was Sian Whitbread and the runner Up was Lai Lai King with 34 pts. Committee Salver was also played non qualifying on the same day. 6 committee ladies competed and Diana Wallace was the winner of the Salver with 30 pts.


Club intersection match finally took place on the last day of October and for the first time a team of 8 senior ladies was included. 4 teams comprising of men, ladies, senior and non senior,  competed in  a format of best 4 stableford points to count from each team of 8 players and all our 16 ladies truly played their hearts out . It wasn’t a Halloween scare but the senior men were obviously scared away by our gusty ladies and have missed by 1 point  to the non senior forever young ladies who won with total points of 134. Well done to all the ladies on both teams (Sally, Cheng, Diana, Judi, Wendy, Li, Krystyna, Mair, Anne Mc, Lin, Flora, Birgit, Sara, Jessie, Linda and Ann G). Congratulations to the winning team. This win is for all the ladies of Haste Hill.



Autumn started with our Away Day at Huntswood Golf Club. 17 ladies showed up despite the forecast of gloomy weather. A new scoring format was introduced for a team of 3, requiring every member to play for the points! A fun day ended with a nice warm lunch and a day thoroughly enjoyed by all!


This month’s medal was held in conjunction with Bob Wilkie Cup for ladies with handicap 33-36. Course conditions were becoming winter like and unfortunately winter rules were not in play as yet. The winner of Medal was Diana Wallace with nett 73 on count back with Gill Mannion. We have a new champion for Bob Wilkie Cup, Anjum Zaiadi with 29 pts and runner up Pam O’Shea with 27 pts.


Ladies were in their flip flops after their round of golf on 21st Sept in fond memory of Terry O’ Neil.

It was how Terry would have done each time.  The Cup was played in great spirit as most ladies walked down the course with memories of how Terry used to play her golf . It was competed in 2 divisions . The winner of division 1 was Violeta Laraya with a blessed score of 38 pts and runner Up was Wendy Barr with 31 pts. Division 2 was won by Pam O’ Shea with 31 pts followed very closely with 30 pts by runner up  Anne McConnell winning on count back with Flora Giam.


The last competition for the month was in support of Breakthrough Breast Cancer stableford play. It was a heartbreaking sight of the greens with hollow tining and overnight rain. Course and green conditions were tough playing. Division 1 Winner and runner Up were Sally Jee-Yap and Sian Whitbread with 34 pts and 32 pts respectively. Anne McConnell with 28 pts was the winner for Division 2 with runner Up Lai Lai King on 27 pts.


The final friendly match of the year didn’t finish well at Pinner Hill as our team of ladies lost all their matches. A courageous effort by Gill, Sian, Anjum Wendy, Pam O, Anne And Beryl.



Mixed Grigsby Plate was played on 1st August with winning score of 38 pts. Dave Digweed & Wendy Barr lost on count back to Bob Taylor & Lin Lee. It was close!


A windy day on Thursday 3rd when Walker Cup Foursomes was played. Sally Jee-Yap & Wendy Barr were the winners with 33 pts and Sunday ladies Gill Mannion and Sheila Smith were runner up pairs with 27 pts on count back from Anne McConnell & Birgit Burn and Diana Wallace & Cheng Loo.


We finally managed to complete our friendly match with Sudbury Golf cLub on Friday 4th as last year was washed out with pouring rain! It wasn’t easy but team Sally, Katherine, Judy, Wendy, Judi, Gill, Lin and Flora have won 2 ½ - 1 ½ . Well done to the ladies.


Rain have flooded the bunkers and they were declared unplayable for Medal which was played on 10th. Wet conditions were tough going which was further hampered by the thick and luscious rough. Runner Up was Gill Mannion with nett 77 but amazingly Cheng Loo returned with an unbelievable winning score of nett 65!


57 golfers went out early on a cloudy Thursday morning 17th August to play mixed Greensomes fun competition in support of Captain’s charity , Action for Children. Our ladies were paired with either their spouses, or our senior men from Haste Hill and friends of Captain. By the time golfers turned around at halfway house for delicious cakes and snacks, the sun was shining beautifully. Another 13 more came and joined in the afternoon BBQ. Various sponsored items were put  on sales to raise funds for charity. Tyler Nicholson, fund raiser of Action for Children, has joined in the afternoon for a quick insight talk on the works they do. It has definitely made an impact and raised awareness for children in need.  The Greensomes format was enjoyed by all and returned scores were all very close. Violeta Laraya and Stanley Yap were in third place with 39 pts. Both runner up pair and winning pair had 41 pts but it was Maureen Sills and Jitu Jadeja winning on count back, with Pam Reynolds and Ziggy Yousaf in second place. Nearest to the pin for ladies was Parvaneh Weston and for men was Dave Hill. Best front nine pair went to Mair Bird and John Ngyou , and best back nine pair were Li OiKam and Stephen Ooi. It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by all. Donations continued to pour in even after the charity day. The final count of  funds raised for that day was £1036.84 . A heartfelt thank you to each and everyone for a successful fund raising day!


A friendly match was played away at Northwood on Monday 21st, and the match  was won 3-1. Well done to all the ladies (Diana, Katherine, Sally, Anne Mc, Cheng , Li, Gill & Maggie).


Usher Sisters Cup is historically a stroke play competition as the sisters never liked stableford. A good number of ladies competed despite the bank holiday weekend ahead. Gill Mannion with nett 68 was the winner, and runner up Sally Jee-Yap won on count back with Pam Reynolds on nett 72.


4 ladies who played their very best in their Whitewebbs semifinal away match on Saturday 26th against a strong team Easthampstead, have narrowly missed by 1 point to go into the final! An excellent effort by the entire team Diana, Cheng, Sian, Catherine , and Gill. Well done ladies!


The summer competition ended with Hillary Cup which was played in 2 divisions on 27th & 31st  and the winner and runner up for division 1 were Wendy Barr with 36 pts and Gill Mannion with 35 pts respectively. A joint 33 pts was returned in Division 2 with Pam O’ Shea winning on count back from Li OiKam . Overall winner for the Cup was Wendy Barr.


Pictures from Lady Captains - mixed greensomes Charity Day 2017



It's not the best start to July as the second round Mixed Hawtree was played on the 2nd in Huntswood and our team has lost by 17 pts. Better luck next year.


Friendly match against Rickmansworth on the 5th was played at home and a disappointing error has resulted in a lost 1 ½ - 2 ½ .


Another close competition winning on count back for Grigsby Salver on 6th July. Both Li OiKam and Anne McConnell scored nett 71 in Division 2 and the winner was Li OiKam on count back. Winner in Division 1 was Katherine Yoon nett 68 and runner up was Diana Wallace nett 69 on count back with Violeta Laraya.


6 of our ladies played Captain's Day on 8th July hosted by Paul Dimmer. Sadly Diana Wallace was runner up on count back with 35 points and the winner was a guest participant.


A  good score from Medal winner Gill Mannion with a nett 69 and count back runner up Judith Boyd nett 72 with Katherine Yoon and Jessie Ngyou. 31 & over stableford competition played in May, June and July completed this month with best Overall Winner Nilla Shah total points of 99 and runner up Mair Bird with total points of 92.


This year’s Truman Cup was played at Ruislip Golf Club on 14th July. 6 ladies (Sally, Katherine, Lin, Gill, Bhavni and Anne Mc) have successfully defended the title and retained the Cup. Well played by the ladies.


The last home scratch match against Grims Dyke was played on 15th July and it was a close 2-3 lost unfortunately .


An amazing home win by the whitewebbs ladies (Cheng, Diana,Sian & Catherine) against Easthampstead on 16th July and the ladies go through to the semi-final. Best of luck to the ladies for the next round.


12 couples have entered for the Mixed Grove Trophy which was finally played on 18th July. Winning pair was Sally Jee-Yap and Stanley Yap with 39 pts. Lin Lee and Bob Taylor was the runner up pair with a close 38 pts.


A new format of 26-34 handicap Stableford Trophy was introduced and played on 20th July. Despite the rain, the winner Li OiKam returned with a fantastic score of 39 pts and runner up Ann Gossington also scored a brilliant 36 pts.


The Spring Charity Eclectic ended in July. 18 ladies have entered and runner up is Sian Whitbread with nett 59 and the winner is Sally Jee-Yap with nett 55.5. 



Official first day of summer celebrates Captain's Day on 1st June . Glorious sunshine perfect from Tee to Tea. 35 ladies showed up in their Team colours of Rainbow. The winning team was Yellow with Cheng, Ann, Lin and Nisha with Best 3 scores of 105 pts. Division 2 Winner was Linda Howard  with 36 pts and Ann Gossington was Runner Up with 33 pts. Wendy Barr came top in Division 1 with 38 pts and Runner Up Cheng Loo with 35 pts. Best Overall Winner Wendy Barr wins the Captain's Cup. (See pictures on the blog).
45 ladies including 5 of our friends came to lunch and we were all treated to a scrumptious meal accompanied by wines generously sponsored by friends of Captain. Raffle prizes kindly donated by various individuals have raised £275 and Chartridge Park Golf voucher for 4 was auctioned successfully at £68 to Wendy Barr. The day has also collected cash donations and the total day’s collection was close to £500! It was a perfect day thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who came to support and generously donated to my charity, Action for Children.
4 ladies consisting of Diana, Cheng, Sian and Catherine played their first home Whitewebbs match against Huntswood. It's 4BBB Stableford format and Haste Hill ladies won by a very close margin of 4 points! Not an easy feat but fantastic win by our ladies!
We have very strong over 70 years old ladies amongst us who competed in our Golden Girls best front 9 on 15th June and Margaret Hindle has scored a winning 18 pts with Birgit Burn closing in with a runner up score of 17 pts. Salute to the girls! Well done. It goes to show age is only a number!
On 18th & 22nd  June a total of 9 pairs have gone out to play PING 4BBB and burned the course with an amazing winning score of 44 pts by Mair Bird and Nilla Shah with runner up pairs Sally Jee-Yap and Violeta Laraya coming in very close with 43 pts. Top 50 clubs in England will go to the Grand Final and best of luck to the ladies.
Third scratch match was played away in Muswell Hill Golf Club on 25th June and sadly it was 4-1 lost  but a great effort by Sally, Violeta, Diana, Cheng and Sian.
Friendly match against Aldenham was played at home on 26th June and it was a win 3-1. Well done to the ladies Diana, Cheng, Lin, Katherine ,Ann G , Anne Mc, Jessie and Carmel.
Jackie Taylor Salver and Rose Bowl ( for 33 handicap and above) was played on 25th & 28th June. Both  competitions were tight as the winners have to be determined on count back. Katherine Yoon was the clear winner of Jackie Taylor at 36 pts and Maggie McCann was the runner up at 35 pts won on count back from Diana Wallace. Two ladies had 31 pts for the Rose Bowl and it was Anne McConnell who emerged the winner on count back from Beryl Herlihy. Congratulations to all the ladies.



12 ladies participated in the Middlesex 5 Club qualifying round on 30th April and 4th May and was won by Cheng Loo with 38 pts. She qualifies to the Middlesex  Final which will be played at Grims Dyke Golf Club on 5th July 2017. Best of luck to Cheng.

The first Away friendly match against Harrow was played on 5th May. Our ladies (Diana, Wendy , Krystyna, Anne McConnell, Bhavni, Jessie,Nisha, Nilla) halved 2 and lost 2.


There was a good turnout for May medal and the winner for Division 1 was Diana Wallace with nett 68 and runner up was Sally Jee-Yap with nett 70 on count back . Division 2 was won by Jessie Ngyou with nett 71 and Ann Gossington with nett 72. NTP in both Divisions  was won by Lin Lee and Flora Giam.  A new format of stableford play for handicap 31 and over was introduced. This new format will be played over May,June and July and a prize and a Cup will be given to the overall winner. It aims to give golfers of all levels to win a prize and a Cup. Mair Bird has come up top with 34 pts and Anne McConnell in second place with 32 pts.


Scratch match against Highgate was played at home on 13th May by Sally, Violeta, Cheng, Diana and Gill. Well played by all the ladies with a 3-2 win.  Qualifying round to Coronation Foursomes was played Sunday 21st and Thursday 25th .  A good  number of 12 pairs have entered. It is a competitive format to play because no lady wants to let her partner down. The winning pair with plenty of experience playing together is Diana and Cheng with 40 pts and runner up pair is Elsa and Li with 38 pts. Well played ladies and good luck to the winning pair for the next round.

An amazing achievement from Diana Wallace who came up top in the EWGA South Regional qualifier played at Muswell Hill Golf Club on 31st May with a net score of 75 . She now goes through to the National Final of Bridgestone’s Chase Your Dream Trophy, run in partnership with England Golf. Best of luck to Diana on her final to be played in August at Woodall Spa, Lincolnshire

4 new ladies are joining and playing their 3 cards. This will bring our total golfing ladies to 55.


25 ladies headed out to Chartridge Park Golf for their spring outing on the 3rd of April.  We were greeted with glorious sunshine and every lady identified themselves with their team flower. The true blood of African bird of paradise (Bhavni, Nisa, Wendy, Jessie, Carole T) were the winning team with runner-up Welrish daffodils (Diana, Mair, Maggie, Beryl H, Pam O). A day thoroughly enjoyed by all. Chartridge Golf have generously sponsored a 4 ball voucher which to be auctioned off on Captain's day. First friendly match was played with Northwood at home on the 8th. Haste Hill ladies (Diana,Cheng,Sally,Judi,Sian,Wendy,Carole T,Krystyna ) won 4-0.


April medal was played on Sunday 9th and Thursday 13th , winners are Kathleen Yoon(nett 67) and runner-up Judi Walshingham (nett 71) for Division 1 and Li Oikam (nett 69) and runner-up Jessie Ngyou (nett 71) for Division 2. Nearest to the pin was won by Maggie McCann and Margaret Hindle in Division 1 & 2 respectively.  Overall winner of the April stableford was Li OiKam with an impressive 46 points and runner-up Wendy Barr with 38 points. No nearest to the pin for division 1 but division 2 was won by Li OiKam.  There was a total of £60 donations to Captain's charity from friends of the Captain.


Haste Hill came in fourth in the Middlesex Eclectic which was played over the winter months from October 2016 to March 2017. Charity Eclectic has started in April and will run through summer to July. 20 cards are needed and winner of this Eclectic will have all proceeds to her named charity. 4 Ladies, namely Sally, Cheng, Diane and Gill, played in with the men in the Mixed Hawtree first round against Rickmansworth and won through to the next round.


On the 2nd,,   a new fixture and format of fun game “Beat the Captain” was played. A good number of ladies shown up and had tremendous fun beating the Captain. Unfortunately Sunday ladies on the 5th did not get to play out the format due to rain.


The first monthly medal was played but was decided to be non-qualifying due to conditions of the course. There were 2 divisions : handicap 10-26 division 1 and handicap 27-36 division 2. Division 1 was won by Cheng Loo (nett 71)) with runner up Sian Whitbread (nett 75)) and Division 2 was won by Wendy Barr (nett 66) and runner up was Maureen B (nett 72) on count-back. A new NTP in 2 shots was introduced for handicap 30-36 on the 17th hole and was won by Maureen B. No winner for NTP on the 1st hole for Division 1.

Doris Scott stableford - First qualifying competition  of the year which was played in 2 divisions for the first time. Winner in Division 1 was Gill Mannion (36 points) with Wendy Barr as runner up (34 points). Division 2 was won by Anne McConnell (29 points) and joint runner up Mair Bird and Jessie Ngyou (28 points) with Mair won on count-back. NTP went to Elsa Pawley on the 1st hole and Anne McConnell on the 17th hole in 2 shots. The day ended with freshly baked scones which everyone enjoyed. 5 clubs practice - Many ladies were gamed for 5 clubs fun practice and Linda Howard and Nisha Shah have scored an amazing 38 points and 35 points respectively.


Scratch Match - First match was played by Sally, Cheng, Diana , Sian and Gill at Enfield golf club and it was a close match but unfortunately the result was 4-1 loss. Mary Foster Bowl - 3 ladies played their last round yesterday at Haste Hill. Cheng, Diana and Sian played well coming in second in their group but unfortunately it wasn't enough to go through to the final round. There was however a happy ending as Sian scored a hole in one on the 17th hole! Congratulations Sian.


Buddy System - It was set up to assist 9 ladies whom the committee identified needed guidance on etiquette and basic rules of golf.  Charity 7 day access Pass - It  was awarded to Mr S Ooi who has bidded £595 of which all proceeds go to Captain's charity. Many thanks to Mr Ooi. A new llady, Oikam Li is doing her 3 cards and will be joining the ladies. 



On the 2nd, first committee meeting was held after Chinese New Year fun game to usher in the year of the Rooster. Almost every lady came in prosperous red and enjoyed a wonderful day finishing off with delicious cakes and snacks. The format was the team who came in with the most 8 points per hole win and the winning team was Margaret Hindle, Nisha Shah and June Dickins . The rest of February was just roll up fun .


Two new ladies have joined making a total of 49 members and 9 ladies on the Friends of

Haste Hill list.

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