A History Of Haste Hill Golf Club


Part 4. Modern History: 1946 To The Present Day


A Pandora’s box had been opened by World War II and from the start of the conflict, with news of more traditional pursuits seemingly becoming less of a draw, reporting of events at Haste Hill dropped significantly.


Following the end of the war, the next mention of any note was in October 1948 when it was recorded that delays of up to 45 minutes were being experienced, waiting to commence a round of golf. There were apparently no catering facilities in the clubhouse, at this time, much to the disappointment of regular patrons.


In March 1951 a new clubhouse opened at Ruislip Golf Course. The King’s End Farm House that had been used as the pavilion since the council took control of the course in 1939, was demolished to make way for housing.  With no plans for the new clubhouse to have an alcohol license, Ruislip Golf Club Secretary, B Sansom likened the club to Cinderella stating they did not receive the same treatment as Haste Hill.


The following August, The Middlesex Development plan was put in place. The plan protected Haste Hill as well as numerous other open spaces in the district from future development.


Club member & Accountant -General at the Post Office, Mr W H T Porter was awarded a CBE in the 1954 New Year's Honours List


In April 1953, club member & past club secretary Mr G Walker was elected to the position of President of The Middlesex Golf Union and Haste Hill was once again used as a site for a beacon, this time to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


An application, to have a licensed bar at Haste Hill Pavilion was declined in 1956, as the council felt it was not appropriate to serve alcohol, with the facilities being open to the general public.


Harrow Councillor W Wormald caused a spat in 1972 by suggesting that Harrow resident players of municipal courses in Hillngdon, such as Haste Hill were irresponsible and should stick to their own borough, despite Harrow having no public courses. His comments clearly said more about him, than the people to whom they were directed.


The subject of irrigation seems to be an issue at Haste Hill that has cropped up many times throughout its history. In 1978, feeling the current  arrangements were inadequate, Hillingdon Council ran a lottery with part of the £102k proceeds paying for a new watering system.


Golf grew hugely in popularity in the latter half of the 20th century and in 1989 a record 200,000 rounds of golf were played across Haste Hill, Ruislip & Uxbridge golf courses.


The following September, the clubhouse at Haste Hill was burgled, through the patio doors. The thieves made off with £450 from the till, cigarette & fruit machines.


The subject of water raised its head again in 1992, with major disruption at Haste Hill. Three Valleys Water installed a new pipeline, across the site. The effect on the course at the time was described as 'brutal' and 'a desecration'.


Golf Course Management took over the running of the course in 1993. Whilst the clubhouse refurbishment they undertook was welcomed, members were unhappy at the price increases that appeared to go along with it. They also dropped season tickets, opting for a scheme allowing players to play 3 days a week but not weekends, when pay & play was the only option. The company later relented and offered a card giving players the chance to play 1 weekend round and 1 midweek round for £499 pa. The order of playing the holes was also changed, one of several such changes, over the years. Labour councillors were unhappy at the length of lease granted to the company – 25 years.


Just to show what great value membership at Haste Hill Golf Club still is, today, it’s worth noting that in July that year, the club ran an advert in  the Harrow Leader offering 6 months membership for £50.00, although this was inclusive of all subs.


Another indication of the value for money you can get at Haste Hill, today;  in 1994 – season tickets gave you 3 midweek rounds & unlimited winter midweek golf for £387.75 or alternatively, 1 weekend round, 1 midweek round and unlimited midweek dusk rounds for £499.50.  


Another repeating theme is the clubhouse. In January 1996 further alterations were made to the clubhouse with ‘new changing rooms, extensions to ground floor and front elevations and new office at first floor level.'



Local knowledge

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